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50 best ways to generate leads: Tips 1-10

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10. Social media.

People want to do business with people they like and trust. Connect with friends, colleagues and people you’ve done business with. Set up the app “Job Change Notifier.” The app sends you an email whenever your connections change their employer. Great for those working with 401(k) rollovers or simply a great way to congratulate them and keep your network engaged.

-Todd Greider

9. Client trust.

In my opinion, it all starts and ends with being referable. Getting a client is easy. Being the person your client trusts and is ready to enthusiastically hand out your business materials to everyone they know is the least expensive and highest result marketing a producer can use.

-Mark Valentich

golf8. Saturday morning golf.

During the summer months, if you golf, don’t be afraid to schedule yourself a tee time around 9 a.m. for one. Get paired up with a couple or maybe three other guys; it’s an opportunity to meet two to three new prospects per week and you already have one thing in common. At the end of the four hours I’m sure you’ll know if you’re going to do business, and if not, you enjoyed a round of golf.

-William Voyles

7. Rollovers.

If you have done rollovers, ask your satisfied clients if they know former co-workers who will be retiring soon. They are normally pleased to help out.

-Bob Armstrong

business card6. Walking and Talking.

The old style of prospecting that is walking and talking, handing out business cards, asking for referrals. It is an excellent social event with great results!

-John T. Corbin

5. The Golden Rule.

Take excellent care to service your clients because you never know who they will refer to you. Believe that what goes around comes around.

-Glenn Miller

social network4. Facebook.

Once you have a Facebook page, if you don’t have an adequate amount of “friends” your posts won’t be seen by many potential clients. I began posting and liking other pages and adding friends on a daily basis starting in 2012. I’ve accumulated 300 friends.

-Jane Rowley-Bowen

3. Centers of Influence.

I get referrals from COIs (Centers of Influence). I try to identify those people in my community that have a lot of influence on my boomer target market. I build a relationship with those people.

-Paula Q. Wallace

spoke2. The multi-pronged marketing approach.

Many advisors in this business depend on primarily one marketing “spoke,” and they suffer challenges when that spoke gets weak. In late 2004, this is exactly where I was in my career. I was depending primarily on public seminars, and I saw a future that could make those seminars less effective. So, I set out to create a much more multi-pronged marketing plan, including a radio presence, community education and teaching, media relations and a strong Web presence.

As you develop your marketing plan, analyze how many ways you obtain clients. Are you the best-kept secret in your hometown? Who are your most preferred clients, and how can you duplicate them?

-Jim Brogan

1. Connect via video.

Add video content to your LinkedIn profile. Use only videos (or slideshows or documents) to share tips and help people. Do not include marketing material on your profile. Get people to “know, like and trust” you first by sharing information and helping them. If you share tips that demonstrate your expertise in your video, it will help establish you as a trusted resource. (It will also demonstrate how progressive and creative you are, since very few people use video in their LinkedIn profiles.)

-Jan Vermeiren

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