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LinkedIn: 5 more tips for event promotion

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You’ve created your event on LinkedIn. Now it is time to spread the word. Here are five tips to successfully promote and share your LinkedIn event.

  1. Promote your event on social media. On your LinkedIn Events Page, you will have the ability to share your event and promote it on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook. Make sure you keep your target audience’s goals in mind. And remember the importance of a creative event title.
  2. Mention your event in LinkedIn Groups. It is key to join the LinkedIn Groups that attract your target audience. In these groups, you can begin to promote your event. Or better yet: Ask someone in your network to do it for you. (It is always better to be introduced than to introduce yourself.) Then you can comment or include additional information and encourage others to do the same. Some members receive weekly (or even daily) digests of group discussions. This can further promote your event. You can even set up a LinkedIn Group for your own event, where people can find out more details and ask questions. You can answer questions yourself or allow previous participants do so. Make a few suggestions: Perhaps participants would like to carpool to the event or connect beforehand with other participants, for example.
  3. Post status updates. You can easily post status updates on your profile to keep your first-degree network informed about the event. And this way, others who are hesitant to register for your event will be gently reminded of it. In addition, on your LinkedIn company page you can now add status updates that will be visible to all of your company page followers.
  4. Leverage your personal network and attendees. Get attendees and others in your network to promote your event for you. Simply dare to ask—in a nice, personalized way, of course. Don’t forget you can send a direct message about your event to any of your connections. Then, you can ask people in your network to send a message to their connections or to post a status update about your event. Imagine the multiplying effect! You can also ask registered attendees to do the same. Encourage them to incorporate your event through the LinkedIn Events Application on their profiles. At the very least, encourage attendees to click the “I’m Attending” button on your LinkedIn Events Page, so that it will show up as a status update on their pages.
  5. Run ads on LinkedIn. Running targeted ads on LinkedIn is another way to promote your event. Decide on a budget and use the LinkedIn Ads Tool to create a targeted campaign to boost attendance at your event.

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Jan Vermeiren is the founder of Networking Coach, author of the best-sellers “Let’s Connect!” and “How to REALLY use LinkedIn” and a well-known international networking and referrals speaker. For more information, go to his blog at