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Seniors Talk About Captive vs. Independent Agents

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We recently talked with a group of seniors to get a better idea of what type of agent – captive or independent – they prefer to work with. Read on to see what these seniors had to say.

What I have found is that it matters what kind of person you’re dealing with. This isn’t politics or religion. This is our money we’re talking about. I’m not going to have prejudices against someone if they are with a big company or out on their own. I’ve worked with both over the years. I’ve had some good and some bad on both sides. About like anything in life, y’know what I mean?

Sam, 66
Dallas, Texas

We have a family member who is our agent. He works with Edward Jones so I guess we are a little biased in how we look at it. But even with that said, I tend to gravitate towards established companies. I worked with Boeing before I retired and I’ve always been more of a company man. I’ve also seen too many fly-by-night agents in the news stealing old ladies’ money. I’ll stick with what we have.

John, 64
Orange, Calif.

For me and my wife we like the thought more of an independent agent. I was in this business a long, long time ago and cut my teeth with a big firm, who I won’t name, and I got out of the business because I didn’t like the methods they used. Anyway, had I become an independent agent, I might still be in the business. I have a couple of friends in insurance who have their own company and they do quite well.

Robert, 63
Birmingham, Ala.

Gosh, I don’t know if I have too much of a preference. My late husband did our financials and now our son does them for me. I guess if I had to make a choice I would pick an independent agent because companies seem to have so much red tape, but that’s an uneducated guess.

Sara, 68
Memphis, Tenn.

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