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Is negativity at the root of your sales slump?

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No business plan or goals?  Overwhelmed or avoiding asking for referrals? Are you suffering from any of these business ailments? Read on for help diagnosing your condition.

Business plan and goals. The negative emotions of anxiety and fear generate the belief that you “don’t have enough time” and “don’t have enough money.” Consequently, you are forever in survival mode. It is impossible to build a strong set of values or formulate a vision or business plan/goals while in this state.

Overwhelmed. The feeling of being out of control generates the belief that “no one can do it as good as me,” which contributes to the negative emotion of fear. The law of attraction draws more chaos to the advisor, who refuses to delegate responsibilities to other members of his staff. 

Not asking for referrals. Ninety percent of advisors agree that asking for referrals is the number one way to build their business, but only 15 percent actually ask for referrals on a consistent basis. Negative emotions such as uncertainty and worry generate the belief that “they will probably say no.”