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100 Best Sales & Marketing Ideas: Tips 40-31

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40. Entertain.

Plan a unique Referral Event, such as a private culinary class. Invite your top clients and suggest they bring a friend that they would like to introduce to the firm. —Robert Pascual


39. Have a great fact finder.

Create your seminar around it. My fact-finder is six-pages long and somewhere in those six pages is someone’s hot button issue or problem to solve. If they fill out the fact finder and bring it in, you have a 95 percent chance of getting a client. When you use a financial software program and make it personal and bind it in a binder with the solution, you have a 100 percent success rate.

—Charles Clarkson

38. Volunteer.

Join the committee of a non-profit organization. It’s a great way to network with other like-minded people that may need your financial expertise.

—Robert Pascual

37. Retention.

Always get your married clients’ wedding anniversary date and mail a card 10 days before that date.

—Stewart Isbell

Join the Party

36. Join the party.

Oftentimes, a prospect’s concerns are the key to setting an appointment. For example, when they say they are concerned about the economy, taxes, possible future health challenges, etc., join ‘em, saying, “That’s exactly why we should get together. When is good for you?”

—Paco Maribona

35. Speak for success.

Develop attorney and CPA relationships by speaking at Bar Associations and CPA Society meetings. Sponsor and speak at Saturday morning breakfast meetings for business owners, doctors, architects, etc.

—Art Miller

34. Don’t give up on a client.

Harvest your existing client base. If you were able to help them out, then it’s quite likely your existing clients know of others who could use your services.

—Ron L. Stahl

33. Medicare 101.

Our office provides a series of Medicare 101 “mini” seminars that strictly focus on the mechanics of who, what, when and where with regards to Medicare. We will generally write 90 to 95% of those who attend upon aging in to Medicare.

—Frank Guerrettaz

32. The more the merrier.

When presenting to seniors, always ask that another member of the family be there. It’s a great opportunity to ask about their financial situation.

—Carson Ervin


31. LinkedIn.

Take advantage of the LinkedIn “company” feature. Follow companies in your local area and you’ll be notified whenever employees join or leave that company. This is a perfect opportunity to start a conversation about 401(k) rollovers.

—Amy McIlwain

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