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Some Nice Words About Ron Paul

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Did you watch at least some of the Republican debates? Having the advantage of watching and listening to political posturings for years — I first voted in 1960 — it was refreshing to listen to Congressman Paul.  

When other contenders might say something like,  “When I’m president, I’ll do away with the Department of Education (or Energy or State),” Paul might instead say, “The United States needs to get rid of the Department of Whatever.” He typically did not say the words “When I’m the president, I’ll get rid of…” He didn’t say those words because he knows that the president cannot simply wave a wand and get rid of a government department (or two). The United States is not a dictatorship. There are other branches of government. King George has been out of office in the United States for a long, long time. 

I’m not endorsing all of Dr. Paul’s ideas, although I like some of them. However, I do think he was the most honest of the Republican candidates about what he said and how he said it. I loved it when one of his opponents would go off on one of the when I’m president rants and Dr. Paul would simply roll his eyes. It spoke volumes.  

As to the rest of the campaigning, wouldn’t it be better if the Republican candidates focused on ideas to make America better, not on beating up on the current incumbent? It worries me when the focus is wrong. If people can only talk about how bad the current incumbent is, it may mean they have no better ideas and simply want to be president and fly around in the nice plane.   

Have a great week. Do good work for your candidate, okay? And find one that is believable, one that you trust.