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Are You Giving Up on Prospects Too Soon?

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A few years ago my personal trainer was interested in auditioning for a television show that focused on helping people maximize fitness results through the use of food and supplements. Unfortunately, when the auditions were held he was on vacation.

Joe is not the type of person to let a good opportunity slip by, so he called the producer when he returned. However, he was quickly informed that the first round of auditions had been completed. He asked if he could attend the second phase of auditions and was politely told no.

Joe didn’t take this no for an answer and persisted by saying, “You’re doing another round of auditions, why not let me audition?” He then proceeded to explain some of his related accomplishments. Once again, the producer turned down his request.

And once again, Joe persisted. He repeated his request and outlined why he thought his experience would benefit the show. He also said something to the effect of, “You’re going to be there anyway, why not let me audition?” The producer finally agreed, and when the audition process was over, Joe was selected over the other candidates.

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Many salespeople would have given up after being told no the first one or two times, but Joe persisted (in a professional manner) and eventually closed the sale.

How many more sales could you close if you were more professionally persistent?

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