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Your Business Blind Spots

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Everyone has blind spots, and the tough part is that ours tend to be invisible to us (hence the name). Here are five questions that may reveal yours:

  1. What are the reasons for my unsatisfactory sales results?
  2. Of those reasons, which ones are subject to interpretation?
  3. How are my interpretations negatively impacting my conversations with clients and prospects?
  4. What do I need to let go of that would allow me to change my conversations for a better result?
  5. If I could let go of that thing, how would it change my possibilities?

Here is an example: John was a successful advisor with a mature practice whose sales came mostly from high-net-worth referrals. His two concerns were that several clients had retired or passed away, liquidating or transferring assets in the process and client referrals were down significantly. John was unsure of the reasons for this or whether he had any control over it. He believed his business strategies had worked well until now and was worried about the long-term impact of changing direction in his marketing now. By answering the above questions, he uncovered the following “blind spots”:

  • He was having the wrong conversation with prospects.
  • He was afraid of risking “good” for “great” marketing strategies.
  • His analytical approach was keeping him from connecting on a personal level with his key clients.

John was able to shift his perspective, leading to a more authentic sales approach that generated over $10 million more in assets. He was amazed at how small changes in his internal conversation were able to yield such a huge financial benefit.

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