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Best of Producer Roundtable 2011

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Every month, Life Insurance Selling queries three high-level producers about a particular subject or product category in Charles K. Hirsch’s Producer Roundtable feature articles. These elite advisors offer great insight and advice pertaining to their particular areas of expertise, and I wanted to take this New Year’s opportunity to look back at some of my favorite 2011 responses they provided.

You can click on the link below each one to read the entire Producer Roundtable feature from that particular issue. Stay tuned for Part II, which will feature the July–December 2011 issues.

Enjoy, and Happy New Year!

 — Brian Anderson, Editor, Life Insurance Selling

January 2011: Small-Business Succession Planning

“I prospect by being where business owners are — attending Rotary meetings, chamber of commerce meetings, executive roundtables, etc. I network with other advisors and keep them informed on pressing issues, which has them turning to me for guidance on certain issues. On occasion, I will target specific businesses and find inroads through others who may know the owner. If I continue to do what I say I will do, do it when I say I will and be courteous, I will stay referable, which is the primary source of my new business.” — Sarah J, Kaelberer, CFP, ChFC

From the January 2011 LIS Producer Roundtable feature, “Small-business succession planning can mean big business.”

February 2011: Multicultural Markets

“Recognizing the explosive growth of multicultural markets in the United States, we must make every effort to entice these lucrative clients by developing our most effective marketing strategies. The buying power of the minority population is growing faster than the general population, creating significant multicultural opportunities today. The steps to succeed in the multicultural market transcend to most markets, but the biggest key for this market is building relationships, leading to sustainable client relationships.” — ShirleyAnn M. Robertson, CLTC

From the February 2011 LIS Producer Roundtable feature, “Living in a multicultural society, serving multicultural financial needs.”

March 2011: Trends in Annuities

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“By stacking layers of income, such as Social Security, pensions, rental incomes, etc., on top of one another, we are able to determine any shortfall that a client might have in order to sustain their lifestyle into retirement indefinitely. This is where annuity products come into play and where I have been able to significantly increase my business by introducing this concept to clients. They appreciate the concept of having a level of guaranteed income that can pay for their fixed expenses, and inflation of those expenses, over their lifetime in retirement and still leave other levels of income and assets available for play during retirement and for unexpected expenses.” — Steven A. Plewes, ChFC

From the March 2011 LIS Producer Roundtable feature, “When conservative can be cool: Trends in annuity sales.”

April 2011: Help Wanted

“I think most general agents and managing partners appreciate the value of a veteran producer as an example for younger producers. Yet unless the general agent or managing partner also buys into the value of continuing education, promotes and significantly recognizes those who obtain their designations, and obtains credentials personally, the impact or value of the veteran producer is limited. It is critical, I believe, for management to encourage those veteran producers with credentials to work with and/or mentor younger producers in the pursuit of their own credentials and, at the same time, explore doing joint work together. This arrangement can potentially generate revenue for the two and instill a desire to attain the important credentials. In fact, such a relationship could lead to a possible exit strategy partner for the veteran producer in the future.” — Michael J. McNeil, CLU, ChFC

From the April 2011 LIS Producer Roundtable feature, “Where will our future producers come from — and how will we train them?”

May 2011: Trends in Disability Insurance

“Lower wage earners may only have short-term DI at work, expecting Social Security to make up the difference. But SSDI may take as long as 24 months before the person can qualify for the coverage and may include a number of appeals in the process. After qualification, it may be another 12 months before the first check arrives. What do they do in the interim? — Marvin H. Feldman, CLU, ChFC, RFC

From the May 2011 LIS Producer Roundtable feature, “Disability insurance still a too-often neglected risk.”

June 2011: Wealth Management

“When we were only insurance advisors, we were often looked at as a firm that was trying to sell a product as opposed to a service. Although our clients recognized they needed the product, it always felt like they were suspect of our motives. Were we solving their problem or were we solving our problem? When we looked at their entire picture and could show them how their offense products and their defense products work together, our defense product sales actually increased. Our comprehensive process has clients asking and wanting to protect the offense side of their financial lives.” — E. Dennis Zahrbock, CFP, CLU, ChFC

From the June 2011 LIS Producer Roundtable feature, “Making the big transition: The move toward wealth management.”