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Michael Lewis: Advice From the 1%: Lever Up, Drop Out (Bloomberg)

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“As usual, we have much to celebrate,” announces Michael Lewis’s fictional narrator to “the Upper Ones” in a clever parody of the Occupy Wall Street debate. The 1 percent, says the narrator, have two looming threats that must be dealt with: the shifting relationship between ambitious young people and money (they simply don’t want Wall Street jobs) and the “unstable mental pictures” the 99 use to understand their economic lives. So, what are 1-percenters to do? Think like the Greeks, of course: “The modern Greeks offer the example in the world today that is, the committee has determined, best in class. Ordinary Greeks seldom harass their rich, for the simple reason that they have no idea where to find them. To a member of the Greek Lower 99 a Greek Upper One is as good as invisible.”