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Wave Your Magic Social Media Wand, Part 2

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The ultimate goal in most businesses’ marketing strategies is to increase returns and reap a higher profit. I’m sure many advisors are familiar with the saying “butts in seats.” The great part about social media is its ability to integrate online and offline communications. If social media is all about people having conversations online, why not turn those conversations into in-person events and vice versa? Think about it—the purpose of social media is to create and nurture online communities in much the same way that you would treat offline communities.

Don’t think you have the offline company resources to utilize the online world? Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do you do client-appreciation event (wine tastings, golf lessons, holiday parties, chili cook-offs)?
  • Do you offer information seminars?
  • Have you thought about volunteering in your community?
  • Are there any associations you can join?

Now, let’s address the same questions but provide ways of creating avenues between your online and offline efforts.

Do you do client-appreciation events?

Promote these events online by creating event pages and forums where attendees can network and exchange information prior to the event. This is not only a great way to spread the word about upcoming events but it’s also a great way to keep clients and attendees informed about event specifics.

Do you offer informational seminars?

Treat these like client-appreciation events and create online event pages to promote your seminar and encourage others to attend. When you’re at the seminar, push attendees to visit your social networks and website through QR codes, network listings and even promotions or deals as incentives to follow you online.

Have you thought about volunteering in your community?

Most volunteer opportunities have online forums that discuss upcoming events. Take advantage of these by posting in the forums and then promoting the event on your personal networks. This will create online avenues between your business and the event that will get people talking at the offline programs.

Are there any associations you can join?

Many offline associations also have online forums for their associate members to utilize for information and upcoming events. Join these online groups and network with members. Post your blogs or any other relevant content and get other members interested in following you.

As you can see, there are so many different ways to integrate online and offline communications, and most of them benefit not only your business but also your clients and your community.

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Amy McIlwain is a professional speaker on social media and president of Financial Social Media, an online marketing firm specializing in the financial industry. She can be reached through her website at and on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.