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Annuity Advisors: Business Efficiency is Key

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You see these super advisors excelling in ways you think are unattainable from the outside looking in. You think: Why not me? Or maybe you ask yourself: What is the secret ingredient that makes them so dang successful?

For Senior Market Advisor’s 2011 Advisor of the Year Jim Brogan, business efficiency is everything to making his practice run smoothly and on all cylinders. “We put enormous time and energy into [business efficiency]. It’s an evolving process. There are always going to be things to tweak and improve. But everything here has a purpose.

“We have an operations manual for everything we do, line for line. The whole idea would be if I have an employee who has to be out, I could bring someone off the street, put the manual in front of them and they could go through the steps. Then we get the same result every time so we don’t get mistakes.”

Brogan goes into detail on business efficiency in the exclusive video we’ve linked below. In addition, if you want to know learn more practice management tips from Brogan, join our live Twitter chat on Nov. 15, at 3 p.m. EST, with him. We will be providing additional information later this week.

We will be partnering with ProducersWEB on this Twitter chat and you can learn more about this social media platform, in this recent LifeHealthPRO article. We look forward to chatting with you.