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Guaranteed Income: A Silver Bullet for Annuities

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In many ways, annuities are under siege. If those who sell annuities or who market or produce them aren’t under fire by regulators, pushing for securitization of the product, then we see another battle brewing: the field getting even more competitive as banks and broker-dealers, among others, join the traditional players like carriers and marketing organizations.

Speaking at the NAFA 2011 IMO Summit, held Oct. 19-21 in Boca Raton, Fla., annuity guru Sheryl Moore, president of Annuity, offered the kind of passionate proselytizing the industry needs.

Moore told me after her talk“The Changing World of Fixed Annuities”that the audio-visual equipment had blinked out a few times. I hadn’t noticed. She soldiered on as she educated the audience on trends to watch.

A recurring theme throughout the IMO Summit was the idea that innovation will be a key to moving forward as the industry continues to evolve through consolidation, the shedding of players who don’t keep up with those changes, and, as I mentioned earlier, the entry of new players, who many in attendance said will bring added creditability to the industry as well as to annuity products.

In this video exclusive Moore conveys her thoughts on the changing annuity universe and the ideas she has on how offering GLWBs (guaranteed lifetime withdrawal benefits) can offer a real plus to annuity advisors.