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Sell yourself, not the product

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Do you think clients make buying decisions based on a product or service’s features? Most businesses promote product and service features over and over again. But people don’t buy features; they buy the benefits that those features offer. In particular, people buy what the product will do for them. And to take it one step further, ultimately the buying decision is made about the person selling the product or service, not the product itself.

But too often, significant focus has been on the wrong thing. People should be selling themselves but are too uncomfortable marketing themselves. Instead, they promote the company, the products or the services. That’s not to suggest that financial advisors or salespeople should be egotistical braggarts. However, don’t forget to let people in on the best aspect of your business–you.

Many businesses assume that their prospects know what the benefits of their products are and exactly why they should buy them. Don’t assume that they do and don’t assume that the sale isn’t based (at least in part) on the person doing the selling. Share your personality, your style–the caring and authentic you. That’s what will make people want to buy.

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