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Marketing collateral: 5 more tips for advisors

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When creating multiple marketing pieces, it’s important to construct a collateral strategy that integrates all communications, not just those printed. The strategy should be well defined yet flexible enough to add new components as needs arise. Last week I shared the first five tips; here are five more.

  1. Research. Have you researched what your competitors are doing well? Have you conducted focus groups to get prospect and customer insights?
  2. Finished product. Have you determined what paper stock you will use for varying pieces? Will it be on recycled paper? Will you use multiple colors on all material, or can some be black and white? Will material have a glossy finish?
  3. Tracking. Have you tracked results directly related to the use of your collateral? Does your client relations management database record collateral usage? Can you analyze routine reports?
  4. Back-office logistics. Have you developed a fulfillment plan with set delivery times, low-inventory warnings, coding systems, legal approvals, approved-usage time frames, etc.?
  5. Integrating with other departments. Have you received input from your sales and service teams to learn what is needed? Once created, do you have a communication and training plan to teach others on how to effectively use the collateral?

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