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LinkedIn tip: How to add your blog to your profile

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To add your blog to your LinkedIn profile, there are two applications you can use: WordPress and Blog Link, depending on which blog application you use.

Instructions for a WordPress application:

1.) Add the WordPress application to your LinkedIn profile.

2.) In the WordPress application, add the URL of your blog.

Blog Link application instructions:

1.) Add your blog to “Websites” in your LinkedIn profile.

2.) Add the Blog Link application to your profile. It will automatically look for your blog in “websites” in your profile.

How does it work? Every time a blog post appears on the original blog, your LinkedIn Profile is automatically updated.

Note: If you have a personal blog and also want to show the company blog, you might want to use the WordPress application for one blog and the Blog Link application for the other one. In this way both are shown on your profile.

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