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Six steps to building trust on your Web site

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In today’s marketplace, having a Web site is as important as having a business card. You really can’t be without either when reaching out to prospective customers. And, in all likelihood, your Web site is the first place that prospects will go to check you out.

So, how can your Web site help you show prospects that you really are the right person to help with their life insurance decisions? Here are six simple tips to consider.

1. Put your face and contact information on the home page. It’s important for site visitors to be able to find your contact information quickly and easily; plus, they want to see you. They want to know who they are dealing with and that they can give you a call to help with their life insurance needs and questions.

2. Provide educational content on your site. If the content on your Web site is current, helpful and educational, visitors will come back to your site. You might even suggest that they bookmark your Web site as a go-to resource for life insurance-related information.

3. Don’t sell too quickly. The fastest way to lose trust is to try to sell life insurance on the home page. People have all sorts of questions about life insurance, so it’s important to give them the information they need. Turning your Web site into a resource for prospects and customers demonstrates your expertise.

4. Keep your online form simple. How many times have you been to a Web site and had to fill out a form asking for so much information that you simply left the site? By keeping your form relatively short and simple (only the most relevant questions), more visitors are likely to complete and submit it. Then, you can follow up and get any additional information you need.

5. Include testimonials. One of the best ways to build trust is to include quotes and testimonials from your customers. Don’t just put them on your home page. Pepper your entire site with the testimonials.

6. Make sure your site works. Don’t think that just because you built your site, it’s done. Visit it on a regular basis to make sure all the tabs and links work and the content is current and relevant. Make sure that your privacy policy is in the footer of every page. People don’t usually read this page, but they want to know it’s there.

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Dvora Ivankowski, managing partner of AgentMethods LLC, has spent the last 10 years helping insurance carriers, agencies and brokers bring their messages and services online. She has been instrumental in the development of AgentMethods, a Web site platform for insurance agents, agencies and brokers. For more information, visit