Michelle Werth, formerly marketing manager at Cadaret, Grant & Co., has been named as the successor to Norlyn Poto, who announced earlier this year that she would be retiring. Werth’s new title will be director of marketing, mutual funds and UITs, and she will be based in the company’s Syracuse, N.Y., headquarters.

Werth (left), who joined Cadaret, Grant last April, came to the company from American Century Investments. There she had held the position of product management director in international equities. In her new position she will oversee all department activities, including business building programs for advisors and mutual fund and UIT product marketing. She previously was responsible for management of the department's meetings for advisors and their assistants, and for various practice management programs.

"We're fortunate that Michelle joined us in 2010 and was able to learn about Cadaret, Grant's environment and philosophy under Norlyn's leadership. Her unique background in the industry gives her valuable experience that will be useful in her new role,” said Cadaret President and CEO Art Grant in a statement.

Werth said in an interview that "the focus of Cadaret, Grant with me coming into this role really isn’t going to change. We focus on building the advisor business, so anything we can do innovatively to develop and implement that, we’re going to continue on that path."

She added, “One of the things that drew me to Cadaret, Grant is its commitment to the independent financial advisor network, and providing resources and information to help them focus on their number one priorities: building their businesses, client communication and asset management."

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