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5 tips for goal triumph

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Have you already decided on a New Year’s resolution? Whether your resolution or goal is personal or business-related, it can be hard to keep yourself motivated and committed, which is why it’s important to have a guide. Consider adopting management and organization consultant and speaker Susan M. Healthfield’s tips to experience triumph in accomplishing your goals and living your resolutions.

1. Base your goals firmly in your values. Healthfield suggests following Franklin-Covey founder Hyrum Smith’s “Success Triangle,” which links every goal to a governing value. For example, if family legacy is a value espoused by your organization, then at least one goal must be dedicated to furthering client legacy. Every goal should be linked to a governing value.

2. Believe you can accomplish the goal. Change the tone of your inner dialogue. Heathfield says, “Negative thoughts and comments undermine our self-esteem and self-confidence, and negatively impact our ability to accomplish our goals.” By believing in yourself, that voice in your head starts to speak more positively.

3. Paint a vivid outcome. “With goals that are hard to measure, start with a picture in your mind that you commit to paper that describes the outcome you are seeking. Make the picture as vivid as you can,” Heathfield says. For example, picture yourself publishing a book, or getting on a talk radio show. In the meantime, still be thinking about potential topics you would write or talk about in the book or on the radio.

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4. Write your goals. By writing out your goal(s), you are committing to achieving the goal. This is a much more solid and conscious action than just having somewhat put-together thoughts in the back of your mind.

5. Share your goals with people who are important to you. “Honestly assess the ability of family members, peers and friends to provide support. In close relationships, many different feelings, experiences and historical events are at play. If you don’t believe you will have whole-hearted support, keep the goals to yourself,” Heathfield says.

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