At the National Association of Independent Life Brokerage Agencies annual meeting, Tori Van Dusen-Roos, vice president of Diversified Brokerage Services in Minneapolis, won MediGuide Medical Second Opinion coverage for all Diversified Broker Services employees, donated by Legal & General America, as well as a golf package.

“This year I was particularly enthused about winning,” Van Dusen-Roos says. “Not that the fancy cars Legal & General America donated in the past weren’t enticing, but this year the most appealing thing for me was the free MediGuide coverage for our entire staff.”

Legal & General America partnered with MediGuide America in June to provide free Medical Second Opinion coverage with all new policies in approved jurisdictions. MediGuide Medical Second Opinion covers a complimentary second opinion by world-renowed medical experts for insureds who are diagnosed with a serious illness.

“Someday this service could help one of our employees who’s facing a serious medical issue,” Van Dusen-Roos says. “That’s invaluable.”

In the past, Legal & General America has donated classic cars to encourage charitable donations but changed this year’s winnings. More than $42,460 was donated, and Legal & General America promised to match the contributions, resulting in $84,920 raised. This is more than two-thirds of the total $122,253 generated by all sources during the annual event.