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How did your relationship with your financial advisor come about?

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It was a referral. A guy I work with invited me to tag along with him to an event his advisor was throwing. Actually, it was a trip to a Dodgers game. I was impressed with the advisor and I’ve been with him now for almost 10 years.
Bill T., 62, Los Angeles, Calif.

I have a cousin who is a financial advisor. My wife and I didn’t really have a plan and he kept putting a bug in our ear every year at Thanksgiving. “Come in for an appointment. Come on. No pressure,” he kept on telling us. Finally, my wife said, “If you won’t go with me, I’ll go by myself.” It’s one of those situations where I really dreaded it going in, but it’s worked out well for us.
Mel W., 66, Las Vegas, Nev.

I don’t have an advisor. I had one years ago and the son of a gun really hit me blindsided. He got me in a crazy tax shelter. I should have seen he was leading me off a cliff. It sounded too good to be true. And it was.
Larry B., 65, Detroit, Mich.

I worked in the business before I retired. The fella I mentored over the years is now my advisor. Kind of funny how that works out. He’s a good man and frankly, a better advisor than I ever was. He has a real firm understanding of the markets, and I like that we can talk shop and figure out any changes I might want to make to my assets.
Rod S., 72, Salt Lake City, Utah