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Financial advisors name their favorite products

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In response to: Financial advisors name their favorite products
It is amazing to me that there is no mention of annuities of any kind in the list of possible investments. This further proves that if SEC Rule 151A were to become the rule of the investment landscape, annuities would not be made available to clients by so-called financial advisors, rather, brokers driven by commissions on securities as assets under management rather than by guarantees available through potential use of annuities. It is obvious that SEC Rule 151A is potentially very bad for some investors for whom they are intended.
-Bill Thompson

In response to: Americans lament financial fumbles
There’s no demonizing Obama or liberals … ironically, most people age 65 and older, regardless of party affiliation, will be participating in Medicare (“socialized medicine”), even the teabaggers.
- Jack C., NYC