In the modern world just about every business has a Web site and uses e-mail. Hanson McClain is no different, but the firm also utilizes much older but still effective technology–the radio.

For the last 14 years, every Saturday afternoon between 2 p.m. and 4 p.m., Scott Hanson and Pat McClain can be heard on Sacramento’s leading AM radio station, NewsTalk 1530 KFBK, conducting a live call-in show called Hanson McClain Money Matters. (Money Matters is also the title of Hanson’s book and is used in the URL for the firm’s Web site– These days the radio show is about the only marketing the firm does and it’s so important that Hanson says that two-hour period is the only block of time in his life that is not flexible.

While the partners do consider the show to be a client acquisition vehicle, they avoid the hard sell. “We never promote ourselves on the show,” says McClain, although they do run a commercial for the firm every half hour. “We never tell anyone to call us. If you give good advice, the general public will hear it and seek you out.”

“It gives people a chance to know our philosophies, to get to know us a bit, and they get to hear us solving financial problems with people,” continues Hanson. “As people call in with their issues and we walk through it with them, it gives a sense of the breadth of our firm and the benefits of working with our firm and the kind of quality advice that we provide.”

When asked, both Hanson and McClain, who sometimes seem like a tag team, say that the only problem with the show is the personality of the other host.