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"Why social networks won't build your business"

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“Why social networks won’t build your business”

This article is loaded with the absolute truth! There is a lot to be said about human contact, and most seniors, if they can’t see your eyes or look in your face, they will not do business with you. Technology is great, but it is very cold. Personal contact is the warm and fuzzy that we are looking for. When you meet with a client or prospect, they can tell if you care or not. There is a saying in the insurance world “no one cares how much you know until they know how much you care,” and without the human contact there is no “caring.” One of the many things that is taught in the CSA program is that seniors think differently and have their own set of rules that they live and make decisions by looking into another person’s eyes is one of those die hard and fast rules.

Michael Waiters

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“Medicare cuts to affect seniors”

The doctors are simply blowing their horns so as not to appear to roll over. The truth is: There are and will be so many more seniors that they will have no choice. Very few doctors, especially new ones, can afford to turn Medicare patients down. I also believe had Medicare and Medicaid fraud not been so rampant; this may have never happened. Never fear though, doctors are just as apt at screwing people and the government out of money as politicians are.

Sharon Gwin