Life Partners Issues Fiscal Results

Life Partners Holdings Inc. says it expects to report $29.1 million in revenues for the quarter ended Aug. 31, up 17% over the $24.8 million it reported for the same period last year. For the six months ending Aug. 31, the company expects revenues of $56.5 million, a 15% increase over the $49.2 million for the same period last year.

LPH, Waco, Tex., parent company of Life Partners Inc., also reported $11.1 million in net income for the most recent quarter, up from $6.6 million the year before. For the first six months, its net income was $15.1 million, compared to $12.9 million the previous year.

The company, which operates in the life insurance settlement market, plans to report its financial results to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission around Oct. 10.