The wealth management arm of Genworth Financial Inc. is trying to make its investment management program easier for clients to understand – and for advisors to explain.

Managers of the Pleasant Hill, Calif., division are trying to define the program’s four asset-allocation approaches already in place — Strategic, Tactical Constrained, Tactical Unconstrained and Absolute Return – more clearly, according to Genworth, Richmond, Va.

The Strategic Asset Allocation strategies use a mix of stocks, bonds and cash based on long-term capital market projections.

The Tactical Constrained Asset Allocation strategies may favor or spurn certain asset classes in an effort to boost short-term and intermediate-term returns.

The Tactical Unconstrained Asset Allocation strategies give strategists more freedom to respond to changes in their outlook.

The Absolute Return Asset Allocation strategies use active managers and non-traditional asset classes and investment approaches.

Managers also are giving advisors more access to investment management firms that would otherwise not be available within Genworth’s separate accounts program on a stand-alone basis, the company says.