“I’m avoiding all the get-rich-quick stuff. I’m old enough to not be doing anything risky. But even if I was younger, I wouldn’t fool around, or even listen to anybody promising me the moon. No risky stuff at all. I don’t want anything being peddled on TV. I don’t want any slick guy telling me how much money I’m going to make.”
- Al T., 80, New York, N.Y.

“Anything to do with the stock market. With all the businesses failing, I don’t trust stocks right now. I’ve seen dips before, but I can’t believe how much a rollercoaster things are these days. It’s just crazy. I’ll tell you, the banks are scary too. They’re failing, so it’s scary to have money in banks. What’s not to be scared of or avoid right now. Do you know?”
- Sam R., 71, Memphis, Tenn.