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Be a "Shortcut": Six steps to create more influence

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As you consider your value and influence as an advisor take notice of all those who are truly making an excellent living in the financial services industry. My bet is that they’re all amazing Shortcuts to their clients.

We’re not talking about shortcuts of shoddy quality or questionable ethics, but rather Shortcuts with a capital S, those who make more room in the lives of their clients for the things more important to them. The Shortcut understands intuitively what trend-forecaster John Naisbitt predicted in the late 1980s about success in the new millennium. He said that the individuals and organizations that can organize and make useful the proliferation of information about to come our way will be the most successful and profitable of the 21st century.

Naisbitt was right on. He was talking about being a Shortcut — the go-to person in their own little corner of their industry who can find and distill the right information at the right time to the right people. These people make millions because they’ve done something the average advisor isn’t willing to: They commit themselves deeply and with fierce focus in a very specialized area. They essentially become the Google of their business. Google has become synonymous with everything to do with search and research. It is the Shortcut most of us use in those aspects. What about you? How are you a Shortcut in your business?

Go to any industry conference and you’ll see enough competition to convince you why you need to look at the Shortcut formula to become more influential to your clients. Here’s the first part of the formula. We need Shortcuts most when:

  1. We don’t have enough time
  2. We are lacking talent or skill in a needed area
  3. Desire is low on the part of your client Lack of time, talent and/or desire on the client’s part indicates a good opportunity for a Shortcut. The other part of the formula is when as a Shortcut you make your client’s life:
  4. Easier, because they don’t have to do the legwork
  5. Better, because the quality of their life goes up, or they look good to those they wish to impress
  6. Wealthier, because they just make more money

With each one you supply, your influence and value as a Shortcut go up. Be a Shortcut. My prediction is that if you are, you’ll build the life you want because you’re helping your clients build the life they want.