The Life insurance Settlement Association is getting ready for its fall conference, which will start in Washington Nov. 6.

Speakers such as Caleb Pitters, a director in the New York office of Credit Suisse, and Thomas Laumont, chairman of BVZL, Munich, Germany, the Germany life settlement group, will give a market overview, according to LISA, Orlando, Fla.

A speaker from Global Life Underwriting, a unit of Lido Ventures L.L.C., Torrance, Calif., will present a paper on life expectancy evaluation techniques, and other speakers also will talk about the topic.

Even slight changes in mortality expectations can have a big effect on individual life settlement values and portfolio returns.

Conference speakers also will also talk about securities laws and state regulatory and legislative issues.

Mark Penn, a public relations executive who advised the campaign of Sen. Hillary Clinton, D-N.Y., will talk about how the next occupant of the White House might affect the life settlements market.