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Waiting On the Storm

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As I sit to write this, we are keeping a close eye on Gustav. This one-time hurricane, then tropical storm, is again a hurricane and expected to make landfall somewhere in Louisiana, where I happen to live. I remember Hurricane Andrew in August of 1992. The eye of it passed about 15 miles west of town and by the time it reached Baton Rouge, the winds had declined to about 75 mph. The worst damage we had was a few fallen trees and a power outage that lasted for just under a week. Oh, did I mention it was hot and without air conditioning? Things got a bit sticky. The price of water also rose as opportunists came out of the woodwork.

In 2005, we saw another, more devastating hurricane named Katrina. We in BR escaped the worst as we were situated far enough to the west to avoid any serious problems. Shortly thereafter, Rita made landfall to the west of us, but again we were far enough away.

So here we are with Gustav looming out there and most computer models indicate we will be visited by this potentially menacing event sometime Tuesday morning.

This morning I had a client call and ask what preparations I will make to safeguard data (they also called to get some money). The good thing is that I use a laptop so it’s portable. Any data that’s not on it is safeguarded with my asset custodian.

Currently, my biggest concern is not the likelihood of shutting down for a few days, but the probability of losing communications. Specifically, if the phones are out, and yes, that includes cell towers, I won’t be able to conduct business. Also, the governor has indicated that contra flow would begin several hours ahead of landfall. This means that both sides of the interstate would be flowing away from here. This would obviously make it difficult for anyone to get here (not sure why they would want to right now anyway).

Well, I think I’d better go now so I can call my clients and wish them well. Talk to you all later.