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Close the sale

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1. Congratulate them. Be happy for them and show it. Focus on them, not you. They already know you’re happy for yourself.
2. Endorse a positive future. The moment they buy, strengthen their decision by pointing to their future use of the product or service.
3. Ask why they bought. This is good for them to tell what made the difference. You’ll learn a lot, too.
4. Offer to answer more questions. Until now, their questions were about gathering information. Now, they are about owning the product.
5. Tell them what’s next. Lay out the next steps that they or you will be taking. If they balk, you can probably resolve it now.
6. Tell them what you are going to do for them. This will reassure them and put you in “control.”
7. Get the payment. People vote more with their money than with their words.
8. Get permission to contact them in 30 days. This is so they understand that you’ll be contacting them. It reinforces their decision to buy and opens up the door for great service and referrals.
9. Ferret out any unspoken concerns or doubts. We all have them about almost everything we buy. Going the extra mile here may lose you a sale from time to time, but usually it improves your reputation and strengthens the sale and customer satisfaction level.
10. Prepare them for reactions that they may have in the next month of using the product or service. The more you can inform the new customer about what they might experience or what might happen when using their new purchase, the more they will trust you and the less severe the reaction will be when it does occur.