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What are your opinions on nursing homes?

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I may not be the best person to ask if you want to run a nursing home ad. My mother was in one for a few years and it really depressed me and my siblings whenever we’d go and visit her. It just didn’t seem like they had the patient’s best intentions at heart and were looking to get the most for their money.”

- Sandra M., 65
Biloxi, Miss.

I have a mixed attitude about nursing homes. When I was a child, my aunt and uncle placed my grandmother in a home. The place was dirty. I want go into all the gory details, but it’s the kind of stuff that sticks in your mind for a lifetime. But my dad went into one last year and we’ve been very pleased. This home has been top notch.”

- Rachel W., 65
Los Angeles, Calif.

I think nursing homes get a bad rap. You know, it’s like anything out there. You’ll find your good ones and your bad ones. I have older relatives who are in nursing homes. I’ve visited them from time to time. Some have it fair and some have it better than me!”

- Bob R., 59
San Diego, Calif.

My mom is in a nursing home. We tried to take care of her at our house. She’s my mom and I love her and the kids love her, but it got too much for us. We’re not professionals. I’m an accountant. I know numbers. I don’t know how to help somebody the best way who’s in a deteriorating state. The nursing home we found for her has been a godsend.”

- Andy A., 63
Nashville, Tenn.