Gwen G., 53
Itasca, Minn.
“If an advisor doesn’t have any designations at all, I don’t want to talk to him. After all, even I have my Series 7 license. I would not feel comfortable letting someone without the appropriate credentials handle my money.”

Roger B., 70
Newark, Del.
“When I get someone’s business card and there’s a two-line string of letters behind their name, I think that’s kind of overkill. It makes me wonder what they’re trying to prove. But I do understand that in that business, training is very important, so I looked for an advisor who had that CFP behind his name to help me.”

Michael W., 55
Alamosa, Colo.
“I would never even consider getting a financial advisor who didn’t have any designations. Education is important, and it lets me know what he or she specializes in so that I can make the right choice. I picked my advisor mostly because of good references, but also because I knew he had the experience to help with my specific situation.”

Roger Q., 61
Reading, Pa.
“It’s all Greek to me, but I guess there’s value in there somewhere. My cousin’s a planner, and he’s told me about all the continuing education and designations he’s completed, but I wouldn’t be able to name what they are or what they mean.”