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The benefits of an agenda for a client review for the...

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  • Provides the opportunity for an additional touch point with the client, when sent prior to the review meeting;
  • Helps you mange expectations and control the conversation during the meeting;
  • Provides a context for appropriate product recommendations;
  • Demonstrates that you are a very organized, dedicated professional, reinforcing; your position as a provider of advice and solutions as opposed to a pusher of products.


  • Provides a sense of control. Clients know what you’ll be discussing and how long the meeting should take;
  • Gives them time to prepare. By understanding what you want to cover during the meeting, clients can come prepared and be more open to discussing any problems;
  • Offers the opportunity to participate by raising issues or concerns you might not have addressed; and reinforces the sense of an open, two-way relationship;
  • Reminds them of their long-tem goals so they can focus on the review as a part of the journey toward meeting those goals.