A general interest magazine is touching on an arrangement involving insurable interest in a profile of Ralph Reed, who is running for lieutenant governor in Georgia.

The magazine, GQ, has published an early version of the profile on the Web, at http://men.style.com

In the profile, writer Sean Flynn says copies of electronic mail released by a Senate committee show that Jack Abramoff, a lobbyist, wrote to Ralph Reed, the former executive director of the Christian Coalition of America, Washington, to suggest the idea of setting up a church-owned life insurance program for black churches.

The program would arrange for the purchase of life insurance policies insuring elderly congregants, and the death benefits could be used for a variety of purposes.

Abramoff earlier had suggested that a Native American tribe set up a similar program that would compensate him for his lobbying work by naming a school Abramoff had founded as a beneficiary for the death benefits, according to Flynn.

Representatives for Abramoff and Reed were not immediately available for comment.