Assurity Life LifeScape Whole Life

Riders including Disability Income

Country Financial Life Executive Whole Life

Cash Value Accumulation; Low Premiums

Guardian Life Life Paid Up at 96 (L-96)

Term Blending; Riders

Guardian Life Whole Life 100/1000

Riders; Flexibility

John Hancock Life LP100

Maximum Death Benefits; Low Premium

Lafayette Life Contender 100

Balanced Values; Premium Flexibility

Massachusetts Mutual Life High Early Cash Value

High Early Cash Values; Maximum Death Benefits; Dump Ins/Rollovers; Term Blendability

Massachusetts Mutual Life Whole Life (WL)

Cash Value Accumulation; Generating Death Benefits; Dump Ins/Rollovers; Term Blendability

Metropolitan Life Paid Up Age 98

Riders; Flexibility; Cash Values

Mutual Trust Life Covenant

High Early Cash Values; Flexibility; Term Blending; Cash Value Accumulation; 1035 Exchanges

National Life NL LifeCare II

Early Guaranteed Cash Values; Living Benefits Riders; Low Premiums

New York Life AD106 Whole Life

Riders; Middle Market; Term Blending; Term Conversion

Northwestern Mutual Life Select 100

Special Underwriting Expertise; Long-Term Value; Low Premiums; Nonsmokers

Northwestern Mutual Life Adjustable CompLife

Term Blendability; Flexibility; Dump Ins/Rollovers; Underwriting Expertise

Ohio National Life Executive Protector Excel

Long-Term Accumulation; Death Benefit IRRs; Term Blending; Low Premiums

Ohio National Life Prestige Performance Whole Life

Death Benefits; Long-Term Accumulation Values; 2001 CSO

Penn Mutual Life Whole Life

Flexible Riders; Business Applications

Savings Bank Life of MA Straight Life

Immediate Cash Values; Liquidity; Direct Sales

Security Mutual Life of NY Customizer WL

Low Premiums; Maximum Death Benefits

State Farm Life Whole Life

Cash Value Accumulation; Maximum Death Benefits

Union Central Life (UNIFI Co.) Whole Life 98

Flexibility; Term Blendability; Low Net-Cost Loans

Union Central Life (UNIFI Co.) Keystone Whole Life

Maximum Death Benefits; Dump Ins/Rollovers

USAA Life Competitive Whole Life II

Cash Value Accumulation; No Direct Recognition; High Later IRRs; Dump-In Premiums; 1035 Exchanges