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“MDRT membership motivates agents and encourages us to strive for new standards of excellence.”

Kenneth Hankinson, New York, N.Y.

“I believe that if you are part of the insurance world, you need to help new agents achieve success. To me, that is one of the most important aspects of MDRT.”

–Kevin Odell, CLU, ChFC, Savannah, Ga.

“MDRT is the All-Star Game, The World Series, The Pro Bowl, and all the players share their secrets with you! Imagine Tiger Woods personally helping you with your swing? Imagine getting batting lessons from Barry Bonds? MDRT is all that and more.”

–Bradford L. Elman, CLU, San Jose, Calif.

“My personal aspiration as a mentor and a father is to accompany my son to the next MDRT meeting.”

–George Carmeson, Orange County, Calif.

“We are in an emotional business. If youve not realized that during your career, then you just need to qualify for MDRT, go to an annual meeting and cry with 5,000 of your closest friends. I guarantee that you will never fail to qualify again. I found my first mountaintop during Chicago 1999, and Ive not come off of it yet! Thank you MDRT for showing me what this business is all about!”

–Jeff K. Atkins, Tuscaloosa, Ala.

“Wow! MDRT is the greatest experience for motivation and confirmation in the industry! It inspires me each year to become a better person and advisor.”

–Robelynn H. Abadie, LUTCF, CSA, Baton Rouge, La.

“In what other industry can you find the top competing sales people from around the world coming together to freely share their best sales techniques and ideas?”

– John H. Putnam CLU,

Charlotte, N.C.

“MDRT means excellence in a world where mediocrity is accepted as the norm. MDRT means following the principle of always placing the interests and welfare of our clients first, and having the courage to step outside the square, if necessary, to find the best solution to their problems. MDRT is the passion of standing on the edge of tomorrow, today.”

–Walter F. Putnam, Charlotte, N.C.

“MDRT is the pinnacle of professionalism in an organization with which I always want to be associated.”

– Thomas J. Horky, CLU, CHFC, Middleton, Wis.

“I immediately discovered what a great organization this is, the vast networking opportunities, and the free flow of ideas that are shared. I will never miss another meeting.”

Sherry Kay Barton, Oklahoma City, Okla.

“I really enjoy working with newer agents and showing them the way, like others showed me 30 years ago.”

Dan Fortier, CLU, ChFC, MSFS, Eastern Wash.

“MDRT has allowed me to dream and walk with the industry giants.”

George Reilly, Piscataway, N.J.

“For me, MDRT has always been a benchmark for which to aspire. MDRT membership means you are really serious about learning your craft.”

–Regina Schwartz, Downers Grove, Ill.

“The most important thing about MDRT is that no matter how successful I think I am, theres always someone doing better, someone whos more successful. That gives me something to strive for. MDRT also helps to remind me of why Im in this business and whats important–that you get from giving.”

–Van Mueller, LUTCF, Wis.

“After attending an MDRT meeting, I always come away feeling enthused knowing Im part of a greater purpose than just selling product.”

–Fred Garfield, CLU, ChFC, CFP, Chicago

“MDRT is an experience that has enhanced my career through the constant interaction and volunteering side-by-side with top producers in the industry. The time I give volunteering is paid back ten fold from the ideas gained.”

–Brian D. Heckert, CLU, ChFC, Nashville, Ill.

“Through active participation in MDRT, I was able to meet and learn secrets of successful practices from the top producers in our business, irrespective of company, location or specialty. More importantly, through their encouragement, I gained the realization that as they were able to scale the peaks of professional achievement, I could too.”

–George B. Pickett, Jackson, Miss.

“The MDRT helped me form my belief that the legacy we leave through our work is far more valuable than the commissions we earn. It is the difference we make in the lives of our clients that I find most rewarding.”

–Juan Elias Calles CLU, ChFC, Miami, Fla.

“You can save a lot of time and energy when you have a template for success. And thats exactly what MDRT has meant to me–success! Most importantly, MDRT is an organization that promotes role models. Our leaders do not hesitate to mentor younger people, and the torch of success is passed from one generation to the next.”

–Michael R. Wilcox, Toledo, Ohio

“One word achievement! As far as Im concerned, the MDRT helped me, a young man unsure of his future, find the path to achieve professional and personal success far beyond what I had ever thought possible.”

–David L. Sparks, CLU, ChFC, Hickory, N.C.

“One of the first things to strike me was the enormous legion of volunteers at the annual meeting. The Round Table taught me I had an obligation to volunteer in my community and in my profession. That experience was all about giving, sharing, charity, emotion and humor. The sales ideas have become a bonus.”

John R. Milam, CLU,

Knoxville, Tenn.

After 30+ years of MDRT membership, I can sum MDRT in three words–leadership, friendship and perspective. MDRT is a wonderful home–when I attend a MDRT meeting, I feel like I am coming home.”

–Guy Baker, Laguna Hills, Calif.

“MDRT has enriched my life by giving me the ability to network with other agents around the world who have all things in common. That helps us all become better and better and allows us to provide enhanced service to our clients.”

– Sol Hicks, Atlanta

“MDRT has completely changed my life. It has broadened my horizons to see what my peers at other companies are doing to meet client needs. Most of all, membership in MDRT has taught me that anything can be accomplished in this industry by putting your mind to it.”

– Buddy Olerio

“MDRT has always been a shot in the arm for me. And the single most valuable reward for involvement with MDRT is the friendships I have developed over the years.”

–Jacob Z. Stromer CLU, ChFC, New York

“I have developed long-term friendships with wonderful folks that I look forward to seeing every June at the annual meeting.”

–Brian Kazinec

“To me, MDRT is a way of life. If you really understand MDRTs whole person concept, it will definitely change your life!”

–Denny Axman, CLU, ChFC, AEP, CFP, Jacksonville, Fla.

“The annual MDRT meeting is a wonderful, open-ended network of people who offer encouragement, collaboration and assistance. I leave the meeting with the knowledge and confidence to serve my clients better and advance my own sales.”

Walton Rogers, CLU, ChFC, Annapolis, Md.

“Its rewarding to see that people who have been in the business for 20 or 30 years still contribute to the new agents and try to help them out by passing on what they learned over the years and what has made them successful.”

–Juan Cosio, Miami, Fla.

“MDRT has helped me in many ways–not only in the educational benefit that it provides but in networking with other members around the world.”

–Clinton Crigger, Decatur, Ala.

“Every time I go to an MDRT meeting I leave feeling extremely motivated. The meetings are highly productive and very educational, and the timing of them really gets my juices going for the rest of the year.”

–Steve Israel, CLU, Boston

“Receiving and giving knowledge to others has improved my business, but more important, it has created friendships of the highest caliber around the world that have enhanced the quality of my life.”

–Stephen O. Rothschild, CLU, ChFC, St. Louis, Mo.

“You get to meet new people from all around the globe while maintaining and embellishing old friendships. Its by far and away the most inspiring few days of the year!”

–Daniel N. Steinberg, CLU, ChFC, Toledo, Ohio

“I look forward to the annual meeting as a time to recharge my batteries. I always come away from the meetings with new ideas on how I can improve my business and help my clients.”

–Peter C. Browne, LUTCF, New York

“To me, MDRT has meant education, friendship, humility and motivation.”

–David B. Wentz, J.D., LUTCF, Kansas City, Kan.

“I believe the greatest thing the MDRT has done is to promote the Whole Person Concept, which has inspired thousands of people throughout the world to be better parents, neighbors and citizens.”

–Don Jandernoa, CLU, ChFC, Grand Rapids, Mich.

Reproduced from National Underwriter Life & Health/Financial Services Edition, December 2, 2002. Copyright 2002 by The National Underwriter Company in the serial publication. All rights reserved.Copyright in this article as an independent work may be held by the author.