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The Top Sellers

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The VA policies with the most sales in 2001

Internal Total

IssuerContractNew SalesSalesFlow

TIAA-CREF TIAA and CREF$9,598.0$0.0$9,598.0Life Ins. Co.Retirement Annuity and Supplemental Retirement Annuity

VALICPortfolio Director Plus4,117.7865.04,982.7

Hartford Life Director3,429.1276.93,706.0Ins. Co.

MetLife/NEF/Preference Plus2,537.07.02,544.0Gen Am/MIAccount

Nationwide Life The Best of America 2,466.8421.22,888.0Ins. Co.

Kemper Investors Life Kemper Destinations2,198.315.22,213.5

IDS Life Ins. Cos.American Express2,010.3145.12,155.4

Retirement AdvisorAdvantage VA

ING Group/GoldenSelect1,913.50.01,913.5

Golden AmericanPremium PlusManulife FinancialVenture Combination1,868.43.71,872.1Fixed and VA

The SunAmerica Cos.Polaris/Polaris II1,799.910.11,810.0

Totals31,939.01,744.233,683.2Industry Totals106,585.26,239.2112,824.4