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Variable Life Policy Strengths

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Regent 2000

Designed for use in the estate planning and accumulation market as well; first-to-die rider can fund roll-out.

Overture Bravo!

Designed for use in the estate planning and asset accumulation markets; competitive cash values and compensation; especially suited for use within the company’s asset conservation program.

Clarity Survivorship VUL

Low minimum premiums; flexibility through the insured life protection rider; one uninsurable life available; simple, one medical question application; carry-over target into the 2nd year.

Capital Select Dimension Five Flexible Premium Survivor

Multiple fixed account options; death benefit continues beyond age 95 (asset-based charges continue and insurance-related charges cease); streamlined load structure; no policy fee; VA-type liquidity options.

American Vision JSVUL 2000

Priced competitively and performs well in both accumulation and premium-to-endow scenarios; options include secondary guarantees; 10 “manager of manager” funds; two types of no-charge portfolio rebalancing.

Variable Estate Protection II

Unique features are incorporated to address the needs of the estate planning market.

Venture Survivorship VUL

Competitive premium solves; unique 20-year no-lapse guarantee; flexible term insurance rider; preferred rates to age 90.

Variable Survivorship Life

Designed for cash accumulation and cash distributions; guaranteed zero-cost loan feature; rider to guarantee the death benefit to age 100; an aggressively underwritten product; one uninsurable available.

Survivorship VUL II

Ability to increase the face amount of the policy allows planning for changing needs; appeals to people whose incomes fluctuate, and to businesses that need premium structures to match their income flows.

Sentinel Estate Provider

Designed for competitive premiums with strong accumulation values; priced to be competitive at the middle and advanced ages.

Best of America Next Generation Survivorship Life/Survivorship Life II

Strong cash accumulation and cash distribution contact; low expenses and tiered M&E structure which declines as assets accumulate; liberal withdrawal privileges; competitive loan feature.

Vari-Vest Survivor

Low-cost product designed to leverage potential separate-account returns and reduce long-term premium commitments; emphasis is on premium efficiency with lower insurance-based charges and higher surrender charges; competitive premium solves for 1-pay, 10-pay and full-pay scenarios; death benefit guarantee to maturity.

Select Estate Preserver III

Higher target premiums; levelized compensation version (SEP IV) is available.

Estate Edge

Death benefit protection; designed for younger insured’s estate planning, charitable giving, business and retirement planning purposes.

Survivor Options Elite/Survivor Options Premier

Competitive product performance; value-added service and support to distribution partners.

Variable Accumulation Design

Issue age range 0-85 allows a grandparent/grandchild combination; high targets can be dialed down with a flexible term rider (competitive where minimum premium required); performs well in income distribution scenarios.

Variable Estate Design

Allows base and term blend solve that calculates the level premium required to carry specified amount of insurance to age 100; also performs well in accumulation cases.

Variable SUL

Enhanced death benefit corridor option provides opportunity for increased death benefits at certain ages; guaranteed minimum death benefit option; ability to designate the withdrawal division for monthly expenses; continuation period ensures policy will not lapse during the first five years; automatic rebalancing.

Survivorship Dimensions

Continuation of coverage beyond youngest age 100; designed for death benefit IRRs; preferred (zero net cost) loans guaranteed; persistency refund; 5-year no-lapse feature; guaranteed minimum death benefit option.


Performs well under premium-to-endow solve or income scenario; wide array of riders and features available; quarterly statements and 24-hour Internet monitoring of policy values.

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