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For years there has been a trend in the investment advisory business that harkens back to the early part of the 20th century, the development of the Ford Motor Company, and the ideas of its founder, Henry T. Ford.

On a trip to a Chicago meat packing plant in 1912, Ford witnessed the denuding of an enormous side of beef by a number of butchers working together to sort the cuts of various sizes and quality. It occurred to Ford that the same division of labor could improve his workers’ efficiency in making automobiles.

A year later, the first demonstration of the moving assembly line began. The line shaved six hours off the total time it took to construct the chassis of a Model T. As Ford became obsessed with the idea of further increasing efficiency, in the following years he added many new devices to the initial concept.

So what does Ford’s monomania with efficiency have to do with financial planning? Try portfolio management software.

About 20 years ago the first portfolio management software products arrived, giving advisors the chance to toss out their spreadsheets in favor of programs that automated the process.

Since then, the programs have been continually upgraded. The pursuit has been such that one can’t help but compare the software engineers at Advent, TechFi, Performance Technologies, Financial Computer Support, and other software companies with Ford and his efficiency and time-saving quest.

The good news–as reflected in this, our annual portfolio management software survey–is that the trend has continued. The first of the noteworthy improvements over the past year is the introduction of technology that almost completely outsources the portfolio management (PM) duties. These duties, commonly known as “downloading, scrubbing, and reconciliation,” refer to the business of updating client portfolios based on the performance of the underlying assets.

Warren Mackensen, of the Hampton, New Hampshire, advisory firm Mackensen & Co., has to employ a single individual just to handle the process. Similarly, Sam Hull of the Bedford, New Hampshire firm Northstar Financial Planning says portfolio updating took him the equivalent of one and a half days per week to accomplish. “It was a major headache,” he mutters.

Last July, however, TechFi Corp. released AdvisorMart. An advisor gives TechFi a copy of a database containing all of his client portfolios, which the company then securely posts on the Web. This allows clients, and advisors, to access the information over the Web. The best part is that TechFi updates client portfolios daily, downloading, scrubbing, and reconciling the data.

Advent followed this year with its Advisor Outsource Service. Performance Technologies Inc. (Centerpiece) and Financial Computer Support Inc. (dbCAMS) recently began beta testing their own Web-based outsourcing services. “Outsourcing portfolio management started a year ago and it’s been building momentum ever since,” says TechiFi founder Matt Abar.

Hull signed on as a beta tester of AdvisorMart. He’s been rewarded with the ability to say, much like one imagines Henry Ford once did of his assembly line, “I’ve cut the amount of time it takes to get this stuff done to only a half day.”

A second development that dramatically improves advisors’ efficiency is the steps tech companies have taken to integrate portfolio management tools with other programs. Advent began this trend five years ago with its Advent Office Suite and followed up by integrating its Axys portfolio management system with the Moxy trading platform and Qube contact manager. In the spring PTI added the GenTrade trading platform and Junxure contact manager to its Centerpiece portfolio manager. TechFi followed by integrating the Trader2001 and Contact2001 modules with its portfolio manager to create the TechFi Office2001 product suite. FCSI produced an interface in May linking dbCAMS with FrontRange’s GoldMine contact manager. Lastly, Money Tree Software added rudimentary portfolio and contact managers to its financial planning programs. “Everybody’s coming out with an office suite now,” says Abar. “The integration that exists between the products drastically cuts down on the time advisors have to spend on back-office tasks.”

Integration is so desirable that Hull refers to it as “The Holy Grail.” The trend toward integration will only continue in the coming year when software firms add financial planning programs to their office suites. TechFi, PTI, and FCSI all say adding planning modules is a major priority, while Money Tree says it will be beefing up its portfolio management and contact software to complement its existing financial planning product.

It all sounds pretty good for advisors, yet one caveat should be mentioned. Ford was successful in his quest for efficiency, yet his obsession had an ancillary effect. It first frustrated workers who were used to a certain personal and creative aspect in building something, and then eliminated many of those same workers. With Web-based planning tools already making waves, one wonders just where financial software engineers’ Ford-like quest will take the profession. –Mike Jaccarino

Advent Software o San Francisco, California o 800-685-7688 o




Windows 98/NT

Used for portfolio management, accounting and reporting; a component of Advent Office, Axys elevates the clarity and efficiency of daily operations. Special features include multi-currency capabilities, variable rate securities processing; AIMR compliance.

Advisory World o Encino, California o 800-480-3888 o



$120/year; discounted pricing available to some firms

Pentium-100MHz, 16MB RAM, 40MB hard disk space, CD-ROM, Windows 3.1

Reviews and analyzes historical portfolio and security performance, historical cumulative and monthly performance, factor and style analysis, performance relative to an index (alpha and beta), risk/return characteristics and many other options; reviews how portfolios or securities perform in any economic environment independently and relative to any other security or index. Finds securities that match or exceed the performance characteristics established for portfolio benchmarks. Databases available for asset classes, mutual funds, stocks, variable annuities, and closed-end funds. Integrated with other Wilson programs for optimization and performance review.

Financial Planning


$99/year; discounted pricing available to some firms

Pentium-100MHz, 16MB RAM, 40MB hard disk space, CD-ROM, Windows 3.1

Module determines if any portfolio will achieve client’s objective. Detailed time-weighted cash flow. Parameters include: portfolio value, income required, portfolio ROR, portfolio yield, inflation, turnover ratio, age at objective, years in retirement, Social Security, money left to heirs/charity, pension annuity, Roth, or deferred income, income tax, capital gains tax, percent tax-deferred, quarterly, semi-annual or annual rebalancing. Portfolio solutions include portfolio value at objective, portfolio value needed at objective, net income shortfall/surplus, lump-sum, annual, or monthly contributions.



$864/year; discounted pricing available to some firms

Pentium-100MHz, 16MB RAM, 40MB hard disk space, CD-ROM, Windows 3.1

Combines all features of financial planning, multi-security asset allocation, security analysis and information, asset class, and mutual fund databases. Creates user-defined security databases: specify individual security taxability, income and capital gains taxes, turnover ratio, management fees and yields; runs hypotheticals from 1968-present, optimizes up to 999 portfolios, finds assets that will enhance portfolio return and/or reduce volatility, finds securities that match or exceed performance characteristics established for portfolio benchmarks, determines if college or retirement objectives will be met, reviews detailed time-weighted cash flows.



$400/year; discounted pricing available to some firms

Pentium-100MHz, 16MB RAM, 40MB hard disk space, CD-ROM Windows 3.1,

Same as POWER PLUS (above), plus compares portfolios side-by-side; runs hypotheticals from 1968 to present; optimizes portfolio mix; reviews forecasted or historical performance; reviews detailed time-weighted cash flows.

Ramcap Plus


$624/year; discounted pricing available to some firms

Pentium-100MHz, 16MB RAM, 40MB hard disk space, CD-ROM, Windows 3.1

Same as RAMCAP (above), plus runs hypotheticals from 1968 to present; optimizes portfolio mix; finds assets that will enhance portfolio return and/or reduce volatility; determines if college or retirement objectives will be met.



$60/year; discounted pricing available to some firms

Pentium-100MHz, 16MB RAM, 40MB hard disk space, CD-ROM, Windows 3.1

Sorts and reviews over 180 fields of information on asset classes, mutual funds, stocks, variable annuities and closed-end funds. Information includes assets under management, historical performance, ranking among all funds and peer groups, P/E ratios, front-end loads, portfolio holdings and MPT statistics, dividends, P/E and P/B ratios as well as analyst’s estimated earnings. Finds all funds or securities that meet any set of criteria such as size, time in business, rates of return, beta, and r-squared. Integrated with other Wilson programs for optimization and performance review.



$160/year; discounted pricing available to some firms

Pentium-100MHz, 16MB RAM, 40MB hard disk space, CD-ROM, Windows 3.1

Allows users to build or optimize portfolios using a database of 60 asset classes. Reviews information on mutual funds, stocks, VAs, and closed-end funds. Investment Policy Statement is NASD compliant.

Captools Co. o Issaquah, Washington o 800-826-8082 o

Captool Professional Investor



Pentium-400MHz, 100MB hard disk space, 128MB RAM, Windows 95

Tracks client?s investments and offers flexible reporting with graphics in a single component package. Computes before- and after-tax return figures for aggregate portfolios, individual portfolios, groupings of assets, and individual securities. Client transactional data can be imported from over 45 broker/dealers at no additional cost. Special features include after-tax performance reporting; no-additional-charge B/D interface imports; taxable cost basis tracking with wash sale rule support; e-mail/Web report delivery; customizable reports with graphics; pooled/hedge fund accounting and reporting; no additional charge contact management components.

CheckFree Investment Services (formerly the Mobius Group) o Jersey City, New Jersey o 800-437-2997 o

M-Search Investment Manager Database



Pentium-400MHz, 100MB hard disk space, 128MB RAM, Windows 95

Comprehensive data on 1,300+ investment management firms and 5,500 composites; conducts manager searches and evaluations; performs competitive analysis and market research; creates custom reports. Special features include ability to download the latest monthly and/or quarterly manager and index data on a daily basis; access to participating manager?s live Web sites; presentation studio helps design custom reports; copy data-views and report pages from M-Search to clipboard for use in other software applications.




Pentium, Internet access, printer

Enables RIAs to automate operations via the Internet; front end offers extensive trading and reporting functionality; enables managers to maintain accounts, tax lots, and performance; includes DTC and custodian interfaces, help desk support and training. All-inclusive package offers trading system, investment accounts system for reporting and performance, billing system, and contact management system.

Cheshire Software o Newton Highlands, Massachusetts o 800-734-6734 o

Cheshire Asset Allocation Planner



Pentium, 32MB RAM, 20MB hard disk space, Windows 95

Allows examination of client’s current investment portfolio to determine optimal asset mix based on risk tolerance and time frame; contains risk tolerance questionnaire; includes historical data and allows users to input unlimited additional asset categories using historical expected returns; constructs efficient frontier curves with max/min constraints. Special features include ability to add an unlimited number of asset classes and construct efficient-frontier with those assets; ability to import historical return data from Morningstar.

Client Marketing Systems Inc. o Pismo Beach, California o 800-799-4267 o

Advisors Assistant



Pentium, 64MB RAM, Windows 95/NT

Complete contact management, portfolio management, and insurance tracking software; calculates time- and dollar-weighted rates of return; provides consolidated reports and color graphs; automatically downloads from DST and others; exports to and imports from Palm PCs; includes calendar, dialer, e-mail, Web site hotlinks, free 800-line support. Special features include integration with Word, Excel, Outlook, hand-held computers, and Principia Pro; producer level security, insurance commission tracking, mail merge, and broadcast e-mail.

CMS BondEdge o Los Angeles, California o 310-479-9715 o




Pentium, 32MB RAM, 500MB hard disk space, Internet access, Windows 3.1

Fixed-income portfolio analytics system that manages risk and return; includes MBS analytics, pre-trade compliance monitoring, municipal and money market capabilities, performance attribution, total return optimization, global data and reporting, ABS pre-payment model, return simulation, OAS, dynamic cash flow analysis, regulatory compliance, index comparison, performance measurement, key-rate durations, custom reports and graphs; program can import/export to accounting and assert/liability systems. Special features include quantitative risk analysis, global data and reporting, benchmark comparisons, portfolio optimization, performance attribution, complete bond data coverage, enterprise solutions, and integrated Internet technology.

The Consortium o Camarillo, California o 805-987-6115 o

RIA Written Supervisory Procedures



Microsoft Word or WordPerfect

Creates custom RIA-written supervisory policies and procedures; contains sample policies for user to pick from and modify.

RIA Client Advisory Agreement



Microsoft Word or WordPerfect

Allows user to create custom client advisory agreement; contains sample terms and conditions.

RIA Solicitors Agreement and Disclosures



Microsoft Word

Creates solicitors’ agreements, client compensation disclosures, and client acknowledgements. Forms and compliance instructions included.

New Account Form/Client Suitability Questionnaire



Microsoft Word

Client data gathering form for use by broker/dealers or RIAs; basic suitability “know your customer.”

Blotters and




Microsoft Word

Daily blotter, client-holding log, product cross-reference log for B/Ds or RIAs. (Three-form set)

Investment Policy Statement



Microsoft Word

Creates investment policy statement.

Report of Access Persons Securities Transactions



Microsoft Word

Quarterly report of access person?s personal securities transactions and holding log. (Two-form set).

Decisioneering Inc. o Denver, Colorado o 800-289-2550 o

Crystal Ball Advi$or



Pentium, 16MB RAM, 5MB hard disk space, CD-ROM, Windows 95/NT, Excel 97

Wizard-based Excel add-in provides financial planners and wealth management advisors with Monte Carlo simulation, multi-period portfolio allocation and optimization, decision analysis, and scenario reporting; provides ability to project worth of client portfolios and evaluate probability of achieving wealth and retirement goals. Special features include a complete Monte Carlo-based assets, liabilities, and needs analysis; path-based portfolio optimization; portfolio modeling based on risk profiling, model portfolios, and custom portfolios.

Eagle Investment Systems Corp. o Newton, Massachusetts o 800-810-3819 o

Eagle Star



Pentium, Sun servers, Sun workstations, Solaris, Windows 95/NT

Web-based investment accounting system designed to support global operations; scalable to more than one million transactions an hour; supports accounting requirements of mutual funds, hedge funds, retirement plan sponsors, banks, and corporate trusts. Thin-client architecture allows software to run on intranet or the Internet.

Eagle Pace



Pentium, Sun servers, Sun workstations, Solaris, Windows 95/NT

Web-based data-centric investment portfolio management system integrates and automates front-, middle-, and back-office functions to provide straight-through processing capabilities. Includes fully integrated performance measurement and performance attribution calculation desk, report design and distribution capability, and Web-based portal facilitating portfolio management from wireless devices.

E-Z Data Inc. o Pasadena, California o 800-777-9188 o

CDS/Investment Package



Pentium-400MHz, 64MB RAM, 500MB hard disk space, Windows 95/NT/ME

Electronic interfaces with and downloads from DST, PFPC. Pershing, NFSC, more; complete contact management system, policy and investment tracking, automatic journaling of client events, e.g., discussion notes, letters, investment transactions, call appointments, etc. Special features include portfolio management and investment tracking utilizing Modified Dietz Method; time-weighted returns are calculated on a monthly basis and linked to derive quarterly, yearly, and any specified period returns.

Financial Computer Support Inc. o Oakland, Maryland o 800-432-2267 o



1st year included, annual thereafter

Pentium III-500MHz, 64MB RAM, 4GB hard disk space, CD-ROM, Internet access, ink-jet printer, Windows 98/NT

Practice management solution offers integrated contact management, billing and invoicing, electronic interfaces with multiple transaction vendors and financial planning packages, and financial reporting. Special features include custom report writer; performance reporting; consolidated/historical reporting; numerous electronic interfaces at no charge.

Financial Planning Consultants Inc. o Middletown, Ohio o 800-666-1656 o




Pentium, 64MB RAM, 100MB hard disk space, laser printer recommended, Windows 95

Comprehensive financial planning software shows 10 years of detailed cash flow, tax, and net worth for normal and disabled—either spouse. Excel graphics output calculates planning cost benefits analysis.

Global Investment Systems o Hackensack, New Jersey o 201-996-9300 o




Pentium III-350MHz, 120MB RAM, 100MB hard disk space, Windows 98/NT

Provides a high level of automation, combining user flexibility with strong operational controls; offers securities accounting including derivatives; asset allocation and portfolio modeling; trade and order management; MBS paydown processing; broker commission accounting; client billing and reporting; automated custodian reconciliation; AIMR-compliant performance measurement; multi-currency processing; interfaces with various pricing/data services. Special features include user-defined toolbar; direct e-mail capabilities; reminder calendar; user-defined color settings.

Ibbotson Associates o Chicago, Illinois o 800-758-3557 o

Portfolio Strategist



486MHz, 16MB RAM for Windows 95, 32MB RAM for Windows NT, 50MB hard disk space, VGA or SVGA graphics card, CD-ROM, Windows 95

Asset allocation investment planning software that utilizes cash flow analysis and Monte Carlo simulation to help build better portfolios; helps clients implement asset class portfolio to mutual funds or variable annuity subaccounts. Special features include Monte Carlo and Roth IRA modeling; Social Security modeling; annuity modeling; security classifier. Fund optimizer allows users to allocate to funds or variable annuity subaccounts.

Indata o San Diego, California o 888-454-4060 o

I.M.S. for Windows, and INDATA Online

Licensing fee & recurring maintenance


Acrobat Reader, Internet Explorer 5.5, Windows 2000

I.M.S.: Includes portfolio management, trade order management, performance measurement and attribution, client reporting and billing; supports DTC interface; FIX connectivity and multiple interfaces; includes common SQL server database platform for front- to back-office. INDATA online: AIMR and GIPS standard reporting and client presentation quality graphical reporting tools.

Investment Technologies o New York, New York o 212-724-4384 o

The Wealth Advisor Platform



Internet Explorer, Windows 95/NT

Delivers institutions tailored investment advisory services in open architecture; includes advice and wealth management for multiple tax-deferred and taxable accounting types; financial products and investment goals for multiple customer segments. Special features include mean variance optimization; Monte Carlo simulation; behavioral-finance-based risk assessment; returns-based style analysis; for the retirement market, advice engine provides asset class portfolios and Product Fund Filter technology to identify funds while staying within DOL advice “safe harbor”; online service delivery.

The Risk Advisor

$150/analysis; $1,000 one-time setup fee


Internet Explorer, Windows 95/NT

Identifies investor’s risk tolerance, then uses Monte Carlo simulation and behavioral finance tools to recommend an asset allocation exactly matched to risk level. Online and desktop versions available.

Money Tree Software o Philomath, Oregon o 877-421-9815 o

Money Tools



Pentium II-250MHz, 32MB RAM, 16MB hard disk space, Windows 95/NT

Includes portfolio management, (client portfolio reports, price downloads, etc) contact management, (mail merge letters, search and sort, contact notes, etc.) and practice management, (calendar, task/to-do lit, maturities reports, e-mail, etc.). Fully integrated with Money Tree Suite financial planning programs (Easy Money, Golden Years, Retirement Solutions).

National Datamax o San Diego, California o 888-673-4180 o

Prosource Premier

$1,299 single; $1,899 network

$109/month single; $125+/month network

Pentium, 64MB RAM, 200MB hard disk space, CD-ROM, Internet access, color printer, Windows 95.’

Acts as a contact and portfolio management system. Downloads client transactions and positions from different sources. Generates performance reports, maturity and expiration reports, and client portfolio reports with presentation-quality graphics. Accesses and updates over 13,000 mutual funds and over 9,000 variable annuities.

Variable Annuity Manager



Pentium, 32MB RAM, 50MB hard disk space, CD-ROM, Internet access, color printer, Windows 95

Provides full-color graphic reports for clients seeking clear performance history; S&P Micropal provides data on over 9,000 variable life and annuity subaccounts in over 70 data fields.

Stock & Industry Monitor



Pentium, 32MB RAM, 50MB hard disk space, CD-ROM, Internet access, color printer, Windows 95

Provides full-color graphic reports including a “build-your-own-report” allowing advisors to select criteria most applicable to their clients’ needs; data provided by Zach’s may be updated monthly or quarterly.

Mutual Fund Manager



Pentium, 32MB RAM, 50MB hard disk space, CD-ROM, Internet access, color printer, Windows 95

Provides full-color graphic reports for clients with clear performance data; data is provided by S&P Micropal for over 13,000 equity, bond, and money market funds with more than 70 data fields.

North American Software Inc. o Cincinnati, Ohio o 513-793-2240 o

Investment Advisor’s



Intranet deployment-MS NT server with MS Internet server software installed, ODBC compliant database, Internet Explorer

Integrated practice support application provides contact, calendar, marketing, mail, document, and portfolio management in either a desktop or browser-based Internet/Intranet mode; includes asset allocation/block trading, portfolio modeling, extensive AIMR-compliant performance, dozens of management and client targeted reports; provides support for several data imports: LPL, Pershing, Prudential/Wexford, PaineWebber, etc. Special features include complete mobility, with access to all support functions from wherever Internet access is available; also includes instant messaging and support of “virtual team”; collaboration from multiple locations.

Performance Technologies o Raleigh, North Carolina o 800-528-9595 o




Pentium III, 256MB RAM, 2GB hard disk space, Windows 90/NT/ME

Portfolio management system that combines investment portfolio accounting, client reporting, and performance trading in a networked application; produces customizable client reports, provides decision support tools; imports data automatically from a variety of brokerage firms and mutual fund companies. Special features include eReports/Live on-demand Web-based portfolio reporting capability; ability to exclude unmanaged assets from billing calculations and/or performance calculations; automated interface with Junxure client contact management system; batch printing of reports in PDF format; optional genTrade order generation and management system.

RiskMetrics Group. o New York, New York o 212-981-7401 o

Risk Grades



Internet Explore 4.5

An investment and wealth management tool designed for use by financial advisors and private banks; allows for apples-to-apples comparison of market risk across all asset classes, indices, and portfolios and helps advisors determine the appropriate investment mix for their client’s specific risk/return profile.

Scherrer Resources Inc. o Fort Washington, Pennsylvania o 215-542-5710 o

Broker’s Ally and Advisor’s Ally



Any WinTel PC

Portfolio management software products include integrated database management, customer management, and portfolio reporting tools; each level of these products grows in features based on advisor’s needs. Scalable from single users to multiple users. Runs on notebooks, desktops, LANs, WANs, and via the Internet. Special features include Palm data migration, data feeds from back-office servers, asset class reporting, performance measures, data feeds from interactive data and other pricing services; help desk services and Internet e-mail help; modules for financial planning and bond calculations.

Spectra Securities Software Inc. o Toronto, Ontario, Canada o 800-555-7008 o

Spectra Portfolio



Sun/Solaris servers with Sybase, or NT with SQL 7.0; NT 4 clients, 64MB RAM, 50MB hard disk space

Screens of performance, asset mix, bond duration, cash flow projections and “what-if” analysis; as part of integrated broker desktop, enables brokers to review a customer’s portfolio information and then move to screens in the Spectra Bonds, Spectra equities; and Spectra funds systems. Special features include householding and consolidation of accounts, tracking of “know-your-client” information, mail merge, agenda and to-do list, prospecting and “what-if” analyses, AIMR compliant performance calculations, real-time orders, and various canned reports.

SS&C Technologies o Windsor, Connecticut o 800-234-0556 o




Windows 98/NT

Investment accounting product, delivers comprehensive front-to-back-office investment management with integrated compliance monitoring, detailed performance measurement, corporate actions, and complete automation of all post-trade processing and reporting; over 150 reports available. Special features include integrated compliance monitoring; detailed performance measurements; corporate accounts and complete automation of all post-trade processing and reporting.

SunGard Expert Solutions (formerly Frontier Analytics) o San Diego, California o 858-552-1268 o

Allocation Master



Pentium-166MHz, Windows

Provides comprehensive asset allocation planning to clients; links the concepts of modern portfolio theory (MPT) with client’s real-life financial needs and product choices. Special features include risk profiling; portfolio optimization; financial forecasting; product implementation; policy statements; technical support; Monte Carlo Simulation.

TechFi Corp. o Denver, Colorado o 800-298-3863 o

TechFi Financial Office 2001



Pentium, 128MB RAM, Windows 98/NT

Integrated suite offers portfolio management, account rebalancing, trade generation, and contact management capabilities. Supports portfolio management for mutual funds, equities, and fixed income; trades may be generated through account rebalancing against model portfolios and communicated electronically to custodians. Special features include mail merge capabilities including calculated performance measurement data; schedule multiple activities at once using Workflow scheduling capabilities.



Internet Explorer

Online portfolio management system outsources back-office needs; downloads and reconciles data electronically from custodians, brokerage systems, and fund families daily; advisors have all-hours access to client data; client portfolio and performance reports including color graphs may be created; provides Web-based access for clients to view account and performance data. Special features include comprehensive portfolio management capabilities including performance reporting, management fee billing, system customization, and data edit capabilities.

The U.S. Savings Bonds Consultant o Wall, New Jersey o 800-717-2663 o

Bond Manager 2000



Pentium, 64MBRAM, 4MB hard disk space, CD-ROM, and Windows 95

Captures, tracks, values, and analyzes every U.S. savings bond issued since 1941; builds permanent portfolios and provides for individual printouts of savings bond portfolio(s) for each client on demand. Special features include displays exploded bond information in spreadsheet format; can sequence/re-sequence current interest rate column.

WealthMetrics o Chicago, Illinois o 312-920-9930 o


Call for Prices


Internet access

Web-based investment management and financial planning software; includes a complete database for supporting individual investors’ wealth management, data harvesting, account aggregation, and financial collaboration requirements. Special features include complete net-worth accounting with portfolio and non-portfolio asset and liability record keeping, portfolio management, performance measurement, asset allocation management, comprehensive and modular/life-event wealth planning, and advance reporting and graphing.


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