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                                                     By Janet Levaux

                 Up, Up and Away

                      I’d like to recognize                  e’re pleased to highlight the winners of Envestnet and Investment
                                                             Advisor’s 18th annual Asset Manager of the Year program in this month’s
                 the tremendous efforts            W cover story, “2022 Top Guns of Asset Management.” Among the winners
                     of Managing Editor            are a former pro hockey player, some previously recognized teams and an executive
                                                   from Ukraine.
                        Ginger Szala, who            The 2022 winners received their awards at the Envestnet Advisor Summit, held

                   has worked diligently           in Charlotte, North Carolina, in mid-May. We greatly enjoyed presenting the official
                                                   trophies to this elite group of portfolio managers in person, as we’ve done in pre-
                    and passionately for           pandemic years.
                                                     Also this month, we feature the views of industry executive and consultant Angie
                     Investment Advisor            Herbers, who zooms in on the proliferation of firm types in the advice business in
                   for the past four-plus          her piece entitled, Explosion of Firm Models Poses a Human Capital Challenge, in
                                                   which she writes, “Not long ago, advisory firm models were limited to investment-
                      years. She’s moving          only firms, wealth management firms and financial planning firms.”
                                                     Today, a growing number of firms are building their businesses with a focus on fin-
                     on to a new (retired)         tech and even financial therapy. As a result, there’s “ample room for career growth”
                   lifestyle, and we wish          within these evolving models and “more opportunity than ever for advisors to leave
                      her all the best. Her        one firm for another, [which] might be a better fit for their talents, personality, career
                                                   goals and [the] clients they want to serve,” Herbers explains.
                                                     In her latest The Playing Field column, Washington Bureau Chief Melanie
                 talents and dedication            Waddell takes an in-depth look at the Securities and Exchange Commission’s recent
                 to this publication will          email campaign. She notes that FrontLine Compliance recently warned that “this

                        be greatly missed.         first-of-its-kind  mass  email  campaign  by  the  SEC  signifies  that  the  regulator  has
                                                   served notice that it will aggressively pursue actions against firms that fail to comply
                                                   with the new rule.”
                                                     Finally, I’d like to recognize the tremendous efforts of Managing Editor Ginger
                                                   Szala, who has worked diligently and passionately for Investment Advisor for the
                                                   past four-plus years. She’s moving on to a new (retired) lifestyle, and we wish her all
                                                   the best. Her talents and dedication to this publication will be greatly missed.

                                                                                             GROUP EDITOR-IN-CHIEF

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