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                                                                            INVESTMENT ADVISOR GROUP
                        with your                                    150 East 42 Street, Mezzanine Level • New York, NY 10017
                       marketing                                201-526-1230/Fax 201-526-1260/Circulation Customer Service: 800-458-1734

                          efforts!                                                EDITORIAL

                                                            EDITOR-IN-CHIEF, REGULATED MARKETS GROUP Nichole Morford [email protected]
                                                                    GROUP EDITOR-IN-CHIEF Janet Levaux [email protected]
                                                                    EXECUTIVE MANAGING EDITOR Katie Rass [email protected]
                                                                 WASHINGTON BUREAU CHIEF Melanie Waddell [email protected]
                                                                      MANAGING EDITOR Ginger Szala [email protected]
                                                                       INSURANCE EDITOR Allison Bell [email protected]
                                                                     SENIOR WRITER Dinah Wisenberg Brin [email protected]
                                                                       STAFF REPORTER Jeff Berman [email protected]
                                                                       ART DIRECTOR Chris Nicholls [email protected]
                                                                      RESEARCH EDITOR Liana Roberts [email protected]

                                                                  SALES MANAGER, WEST Neil Dant 859-692-2112 [email protected]
                                                             SALES MANAGER, MIDWEST/NY/NJ Lauren Rispoli 212-457-9527 [email protected]
                                                              SALES MANAGER, EAST Archer Montague 804-464-1232 [email protected]

                      REPRINTS                            DIRECTOR OF CLASSIFIED SALES Martha Frechette 213-760-6159 [email protected]
                     CAN HELP!                               CLIENT SERVICES MANAGER Debbie Maggard 859-692-2197 [email protected]

                                                              SR. BRAND MARKETING MANAGER Linda Levine 212-457-9662 [email protected]
                                                               DIRECTOR OF REPRINTS Syndia Torres-Pena 877-257-3382 [email protected]

                                                                            ALM SENIOR MANAGEMENT

                                                                                 CEO Bill Carter
                                                                    PRESIDENT, INFORMATION SERVICES Jon DiGiambattista
                                                                         PRESIDENT, EVENTS AND CFO Mark Fried
                                                                      PRESIDENT, MARKETING SERVICES Matthew Weiner
                                                                         SR. VP, HUMAN RESOURCES Erin Dzieken
                                                                          CHIEF TECHNOLOGY OFFICER Jimi Li
                                                                          CHIEF CONTENT OFFICER Molly Miller
                          ALM                                         CHIEF SALES OFFICER, PAID CONTENT Allan Milloy
                                                                     VP, SALES, FINANCIAL SERVICES DIVISION Adam Dunn
                   Reprints & Licensing                          VP, SALES, INSURANCE AND REAL ESTATE DIVISIONS Peggy Schecter

                          877-257-3382                                VP, REGULATED MARKETS EVENTS Scott Thompson
                        [email protected]

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