Top 12 Countries With Most Millionaires: 2014

Wonder where the wealthy live? Capgemini and RBC Wealth Management list the nations with the most HNWIs

Capgemini and RBC World Wealth report shows concentration of just where the wealthiest among us lives. Capgemini and RBC World Wealth report shows concentration of just where the wealthiest among us lives.

The ranks of high-net-worth individuals continued to grow in the U.S. and around the world last year after a pause in 2011 caused by the Great Recession, according to the latest World Wealth Report 2014.

The concentration of just where the wealthiest among us lives is borne out in a new report: The U.S. and Japan account for nearly half (46.1%) of the world’s superwealthy, according to a report from Capgemini and RBC Wealth Management.

Overall, the World Wealth Report 2014 found that the number of high-net-worth individuals grew by 14% in 2013, compared with 9.2% the year before. That’s a big change from 2011, when the size of the exclusive club remained flat from the previous year.

The report, which defined high-net-worth individuals as those having investable assets of at least $1 million, not counting primary residence, collectible, consumables and consumer durables, looked at data from 71 countries.

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North America and the Asia/Pacific region were in a tight race as the top growth areas, the report found.

Take a look at our countdown of the Top 12 Countries With Most Millionaires for 2014:

A cyclist passes the Rijksmuseum in the center of Amsterdam. (Photo: AP)

12. Netherlands

2013: 173,000

2012: 149,000

Increase over 2012: 16.5%

Sungnyemun gate in Seoul, South Korea. (Photo:AP)

11. South Korea

2013: 176,000

2012: 160,000

Increase: 10.3%

St. Peter's Square in Vatican City. (Photo: AP)

10. Italy

2013: 203,000

2012: 176,000

Increase: 15.6%

Sydney Skyline.

9. Australia 

2013: 219,000

2012: 207,000

Increase: 5.8%

Toronto, Canada marina.

8. Canada

2013: 320,000

2012: 298,000

Increase: 7.2%

A cable train makes its way up the Weissfluhjoch mountain in Davos, Switzerland. (Photo: AP)

7. Switzerland

2013: 330,000

2012: 282,000

Increase: 16.8%

Eiffel Tower in Paris.

6. France

2013: 472,000

2012: 430,000

Increase: 9.7%

Westminster Abbey in London. (Photo: AP)


5. United Kingdom

2013: 527,000

2012: 465,000

Increase: 13.4%

Oriental Pearl Tower in Shanghai. (Photo: AP)

4. China

2013: 758,000

2012: 643,000

Increase: 17.8%

The Bode Museum in Berlin.

3. Germany

2013: 1.13 million

2012: 1.01 million

Increase: 11.4%

Mount Fuji soars over the Yokohama Bay area (Photo: AP)

2. Japan

2013: 2.32 million

2012: 1.9 million

Increase: 22.3%

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