World’s Top 10 Cities of the Super Rich: 2013

Wealth-X releases its annual list of the cities with the most ultra HNW individuals—that’s at least $30 million in assets

Wealth-X releases its annual list of the cities with the most high-net-worth individuals: Osaka and Mexico City—who knew?

Those are two surprises to come from Wealth-X's list of the top 10 cities with the highest concentration of ultra-high-net-worth individuals.

Research firm Wealth-X, which covers the ultra-wealthy space (which it defines as total net assets of $30 million), lists four American cities as well.

The four American cities make up nearly half of the top 10 list with a combined total of 20,485 ultra-wealthy individuals.

Latin America has their share of the ultra wealthy but no cities in the top 10. The region has a total of 14,150 ultra wealthy individuals.

The top 10 cities collectively grew in their wealthy populations by a combined 7.5% over the past year, outpacing the global average of 6.3%. There are 45,230 ultra-wealthy individuals concentrated in these cities, equal to 23% of the world's ultra-wealthy population.

Check out the World’s Top 10 Cities of the Super Rich for 2013:

Washington, D.C. Skyline.

RANK: 10

CITY: Washington

2013 POPULATION: 2,675

2012 POPULATION: 2,395

CHANGE (Year Over Year): +11.7%

Zocalo Square in Mexico City. 


CITY: Mexico City

2013 POPULATION: 2,695

2012 POPULATION: 2,585

CHANGE (Year Over Year): 4.3%

Junk ship in Hong Kong harbor.


CITY: Hong Kong

2013 POPULATION: 3,180

2012 POPULATION: 3,135

CHANGE (Year Over Year): 1.4%

Eiffel Tower in Paris.


CITY: Paris

2013 POPULATION: 3,195

2012 POPULATION: 2,860

CHANGE (Year Over Year): 11.7%

Osaka Japan Cityscape. 


CITY: Osaka, Japan

2013 POPULATION: 3,300

2012 POPULATION: 2,970

CHANGE (Year Over Year): 11.1%

Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. 


CITY: San Francisco

2013 POPULATION: 4,840

2012 POPULATION: 4,590

CHANGE (Year Over Year): 5.4%

Hollywood Sign


CITY: Los Angeles

2013 POPULATION: 4,945

2012 POPULATION: 4,520

CHANGE (Year Over Year): 5.4%

Tokyo, Japan. 


CITY: Tokyo

2013 POPULATION: 6,015

2012 POPULATION: 5,440

CHANGE (Year Over Year): 10.6%

Big Ben in London, England.


CITY: London

2013 POPULATION: 6,360

2012 POPULATION: 6,015

CHANGE (Year Over Year): 5.7%

The Statue of Liberty and the New York skyline.


CITY: New York

2013 POPULATION: 8,025

2012 POPULATION: 7,580

CHANGE (Year Over Year): 5.9%


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