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Preparatory Program

Advisors Ahead Preparatory Program is targeted at active students, providing a defined curriculum for their sophomore, junior and senior years. The program offers an introduction to career opportunities, support and mentoring for CFP study and licensing exam preparation. It delivers a proprietary curriculum covering emotional intelligence, workplace performance, behavioral finance and other practice management training.

Institute – Internship

The Advisors Ahead Institute enables students to pursue internship opportunities during the summer between their junior and senior years. The Advisors Ahead leadership team will provide mentoring throughout the internship and facilitate an organized and well-balanced experience for the interns. Throughout the internship, Advisors Ahead provides an opportunity for students to experience a number of career positions by following our defined curriculum of different tasks and objectives. Each experience gives students a chance to learn and make an impact on the branch and their own career paths. These highly structured internships ensure that students gain practical experiences that better prepare them for success in full-time positions.

Institute – Residency

Following the program, graduating students apply to the resident program to pursue full-time, entry-level positions with financial services firms after completing the Advisors Ahead training. During this transitional “residency” period of one or two years, new hires will follow a pre-defined path similar to the internship experience, ultimately resulting in a permanent position as a new financial advisor.

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