Online Lead Generation: Insurance Sales Go Cyber

Lead generation is the bread and butter of every agent. Simply put, without leads there aren’t any clients. Matching the right products with the right clients is equally important. In the marketing industry, this is known as target marketing.

Companies like Nielsen have made billions by collecting, analyzing and selling targeted marketing data back to companies. The companies then take this data to target consumers in their particular industry via snail-mail and telephone solicitation. However, this old style world of off-line marketing is quickly dying. Online lead generation websites and social media are replacing the old ways of doing things – and insurance agents who want to stay in business need to change with the times.

Why online?

Online lead generation is better-targeted, easier to use and cheaper than old style marketing. From an agent’s perspective this is exactly what has been needed for years. The bad news is that the online world is also a rapidly changing quagmire of new tools, new updates and outdated materials. Keeping up with it all can be overwhelming, exhausting and expensive, especially when you have clients to focus on.

How many of you have an outdated website that doesn’t generate much of anything? Your website is much like your office was in the past: a place clients can visit for information. These days, however, your website can’t compete for competitive placement in a Google search without a team of people whose exclusive job is to manage it. Online lead generators who specialize in computers (not selling insurance) have taken these spots.

Frankly, every company needs to ask themselves where they want to focus their human and financial capital online. It is vitally important to develop an online content strategy plan that will help improve business, generate leads and make you money.

A lead generation website acts as a funnel to get the right prospects to your doorstep. The best ones spend enormous amounts of energy making sure that their sites are appealing and targeted directly to your niche market. By partnering with a good lead generator, agents are in essence hiring out a substantial chunk of their marketing. 

What to look for in lead generation for insurance

The right lead generator can bring an agent great business, but choose one wisely. Here are some of the things to look for:

  • Organic placement in Google and Yahoo/Bing
  • Usability (useful information for consumers)
  • Fast download speed/ flat site structure
  • Number of eyeballs, hits, follow through click statistics
  • Relevance to your products/specialization

Lead generators provide agents with more information, but from the client’s perspective, there has been less interaction. Until a client knows an agent, they are less likely to feel a sense of trust or loyalty, which means they may quickly move on to another agent unless you take the time to establish a relationship.

Also, remember: The lead is just the beginning. Once you get a lead, your website and office must be set up to handle it effectively. If the lead generator is good, the site may present your business with many more leads than your office is set up to handle. The leads must be prioritized and your business may need to set up agents that specialize exclusively in handling computer generated leads.

In summary, online lead generation websites can save an insurance agent a great deal of time and money by providing targeted, useful leads. It’s one of the best tools for insurance agents, so long as you take the time to prepare your office to reap its rewards. 

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