Philanthropy Focus: A Special Report in the Season of Giving

A month-long focus on charitable giving explores how advisors can help focus their clients’ philanthropy while building their businesses

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For tax reasons and altruistic ones, in this holiday season many of your clients may be thinking about and actually engaging in philanthropy. The challenge for advisors is multipronged: How can you encourage and steer your clients’ charitable giving so that it benefits those clients and the recipients of their largesse while forging stronger ties with those clients and helping them avoid charitable missteps?

In our Year-End Philanthropy Special Report throughout the month of December, AdvisorOne’s editors will be presenting fresh content in the form of articles, videos, slideshows, free online tools and philanthropy best practices reporting to help you accomplish those goals. We will cover the latest news and research findings on donor advised funds, private foundations and smart tax planning, leavened with what some high-profile HNW individuals have and are accomplishing with their own charitable endeavors. All of this content can be found on our Year-End Philanthropy Special Report home page, and we’ll be sending readers a weekly e-newsletter containing the latest reporting.

In addition to suggestions from experts on how and what to give, we’ll also provide some cautionary tales on what your clients shouldn’t do in the philanthropy arena, and continue to follow the fight in Washington over whether the charitable tax deduction should be reduced or eliminated.

We invite you to check in throughout the month to read and view the latest content on our Year-End Philanthropy Special Report home page, and feel free to contact me on share your experience on how you incorporate philanthropy into your practices. I promise to share your best ideas with other AdvisorOne readers throughout the month.

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