Annuity Facts: Updates on New Education Requirements

Despite being nullified by legislation and remanded judicially, SEC Rule 151A left a permanent mark on the annuity world. As 2011 gets under way, state insurance departments will quickly enact additional oversight rules to help ensure suitable sales to protect consumers. In order to achieve this, states will incorporate specific annuity courses into their required training regimen, and will also require the insurance companies to verify that the producers selling their products are knowledgeable on each specific product.

Depending on your state, these requirements may already be in place. As of Jan. 10, Iowa, Wisconsin, and Oklahoma had enacted such rules. Both the continuing education and product-specific training (PST) requirements and deadlines vary by state. You can keep up-to-date on your state by visiting Carriers will be unable to accept your business if you do not complete the required CE course and PST by the date your state specifies.

If the states adopt the language of the NAIC Model, you will be required to complete a PST course for every carrier you represent before recommending any annuity.

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