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Where Direction$ Is Headed

Sidebar to the Cover Story "Majority Report"

Trailblazers Peg Downey, Eleanor Blayney, and Elizabeth Jetton want to change the atmosphere and conversation to "get women into the room" for financial planning. Through their new venture, Direction$, these activities are in the works:

  • l Building up an advisor channel to gather and share community wisdom about women clients
  • l Training planners on how to make their practices more woman-friendly
  • l Communicating via Women's Worth: Finding Your Financial Confidence (Direction$ LLC, 2010), which author Eleanor Blayney describes as "the type of broadly educational book that advisors can give women clients to get them thinking about these issues"
  • l Co-hosting professional conferences such as the FPA/Berkana Institute event August 23-26 (see details on, where a topic will be "Changing the conversation about money"
  • l Expanding dialogues with FPA and NAPFA
  • l Sponsoring initial learning circles in Washington, D.C., and Atlanta to promote deeper communication to and among women
  • l Speaking publicy to raise women's awareness and get them into the financial planning process sooner
  • l Developing planner materials and templates appropriate to women and their needs
  • l Encouraging development of women-centric educational materials and unique financial products
  • l Writing articles (Peg's forum is Crone magazine, a publication for women growing older, where she is finance editor)
  • l Blogging (Elizabeth for Vibrant Nation, a community of women over 50; Eleanor on her own website,
  • l Reaching out to media (e.g., a recent speech to the National Press Foundation about women in retirement)
  • l Developing a referral center
  • l Expanding the Direction$ Web site as a portal where resources and links to resources can be found

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