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Sick boomers are a safe bet

Increased use of health care services by baby boomers? Good. Trying to figure out just what the heck Congress will do in the health care arena? Bad. Even though the former excites, the latter is forcing many to shy from investing in the sector. Not smart, according to the Wall Street Journal:

"An important investment theme the past few years has been the aging population. Retiring baby boomers would do all they could to remain 'young' or at least do their best to live as long as feasible.

The combination of ideas argued for an overweight position in health-care stocks.

But that calculus requires some re-examination as politicians in Washington take a long, hard look at reforming and reshaping the health-care sector. It's difficult to determine just how the health-care system might change, but some sort of change seems likely.

Does that mean that betting on the baby boomers' 'Stave the Grave' ambitions should be shelved?

Actually, no. In fact, even with so much noise surrounding health-care reform, the simple fact is that the sector will remain a key investment arena in the years ahead."

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